Monday, March 21, 2011

how right i was,

that the lack of blog updates had seen us thru the various events that i last mentioned in my previous post… march had been another not so easy month for us, especially when melody was admitted to the hospital due to UTI…

poor melody was having high fever for a few days before we decided that its not those ordinary teething kind of fever, and sent her to the KKH and once again, she was admitted…

and this stay, landed us 4 days, with melody being ‘poked’ all over her limbs for the blood test and administer of antibiotics… that poking part, took more than 45 minutes in the treatment room, with us outside, hearing her screams and cries… helplessly…

Picture 412

Picture 415

nevertheless, she recovered, and no more fever… but was given tubes of antibiotic to last her till may before her follow up… and i really meant tubes of antibiotics…

Picture 416


that event, totally brought me downright depressed for being a parent… and i had to share to all of the fact that, behind every smiling happy child, there’re the tired and exhausted parents… so, love and treasure your parents, it not easy being one…



anyway, i think all who visited my facebook, should already seen the photos that i took of megan’s first homework… but hey, i rarely got a chance to take out my dslr to ‘fire’ away, and so got to bear with my trigger happy fingers eh? and here it goes again…













as for melody, she is growing well, and had more teeth and starting to stand with support…

Picture 395

this photo here is a little outdated, cuz now she got 4 teeth!

Picture 405

Picture 421


despite the tiredness and exhaustion, i really love these kids of mine cuz they type of joy they had given me is something that i never had before… 

Picture 404

Picture 427

Picture 428

Picture 433

Picture 438

but then again, it will be better if parenting can be easier… haiz… :P

(P/S: wonder when’s my next post…)