Monday, July 26, 2010

one day at paradise…

maybe it don’t sound like a paradise trip for everyone, but to a couple like me and joelle, whom never really had chance to go for any couple time-off WITHOUT THE KIDS, and yes, i have to make it bold… a day off to holiday inn resort at batam sounds like paradise to us… :)

The Lucky Miss
24/07/2010 0912h $80/-

it all started in the early morning, when we actually missed the 9:20am ferry at the harbourfront… thot we’re doomed to take the 2pm ferry but wah lah, due to high demand, they actually have a direct ferry at 9:30am instead! (psst, that 9:20am ferry is a longer ride that stop by another terminal before reaching the waterfront city)


Knock Knock, Who’s There
24/07/2010 1100h $125/-

its less than 1 hour before we reached the waterfront city terminal at batam… thereafter, a free shuttle bus bringing us for the looooong ride to the hotel for free… btw, loooong ride as in 5 minutes… its that near…


the checking in is pretty smooth, and thou it says 2pm to check it, we’re able to get our room even we’re early… there we go to our room, and found out, the room is occupied!

and why am i still not complaining even thou we have to walk back to the reception to get another room? cuz we’re given the free upgrade to the suite! keke… somehow, when i’m opening the door to the suite, i’m kinda hoping its occupied too… haha…


and for that, we’re getting a much bigger room… :P


with a much bigger living room…


Chinese Eating Chinese Food in a Non-Chinese Country
24/07/2010 1239h $47/-

no offense, but i really hate the idea of eating chinese food whenever i’m travelling… i meant, i’ve been eating chinese food back home and why would i and how would others be doing it better than what we have at home and… gosh, the food looks great here… omg, this fried toufu thingy is really good!







hate to say, it taste really good too!


hmmm… next time, we’ll eat here again at the Dragon Inn… when we’re here again…

The TEA TREE SPA (not yet…)
24/07/2010 1344h $--/-

the reason for our return here after god know how many years ago… the award wining tea tree spa…

after a hearty lunch, we went jalan jalan to walk off the fats and to check out and book our spa package… there’s a 20% off before 2pm or what, and of course, its always fully booked… and hence, upon our arrival, we booked our spa at nite time… which i feel is ideal as we can drop back to sleep right after the spa…

not much changes… in fact, no changes in the spa surroundings, and walking around the area lazily after a heavy lunch is really… heavenly…







The Much Needed…
24/07/2010 1659h $--/-

after a much needed couple time walk… and we really walk like really old couples, with no worries (especially the kids)…

we lazed around the hotel with no worries…


we swam in the pool… with no worries…

and for the first time for the past 2 years… i slept with no worries…


Dinner @ Terace Cafe
24/07/2010 1844h $50/-

i’m pretty sure the holiday inn website spelled it as Terrace Cafe but somehow the menu is spelled as Terace Cafe…

nevermind, the starbucks quality cafe latte is good enuff to cover up for any spelling mistakes they have…gosh, that cafe latte taste heavenly… maybe its the mood that overwrites the taste bud bah… haha… :9


how can u tell that woman is pretty much satisfied so far?




still waiting…


and here comes the free-flow appetizer… koropok?


my grilled chicken…


and joelle’s … i dun remember what its called, but i remembered calling it the HIMALAYANS instead… it look like mountain peaks lor… and that will be the Mount Everest Rice Cone in the center… :P


once again, eat until full full, dun know what to do do… take photo lor… and gosh, i look rounder and rounder liao…


The Real Deal!
24/07/2010 2038h $297/-

here’s some more shots before we went in for the real deal…





i dun remember the exact name of the package items we got, but it consist of 30 minutes scrub, 30 minutes wrap, 90 minutes massage… and the package name is Ultimate Relaxationnnnnn…. awwww……. god help mee…

Things People Do When They’re Happy, or Crazy…
25/07/2010 0032h $--/-

right after our Ultimate Relaxationnnnnn… we’re suddenly and totally rejuvenated and decided to walk around the very very quiet pool…




and since the poolside is so quiet… and no one is around… we decided to skinny dip… no lah, we ain’t that crazy yet…

but if our children or our parents were to see us trying to do this, they’re sure to say “whats these 2 siao ones doing??”

we’re trying to do light writtings… here’s mine…





and here’s joelle’s…




it supposed to be a quiet nite one… haha…


Goodbye Goodbye Adios
25/07/2010 1458h $14/-

i dun know how we ended back on the ferry, back to singapore, back to reality… but i do remember having to pay for the $7 departure tax for each person at the ferry terminal at batam… why dun they set it to $7000, and i may consider not departing at all!


no lah… i still wanna get back to reality, cuz back at reality, there’s sweet things waiting for us…


glad to have this getaway… glad its only 1 day else i dun know how much i’ll miss the girls… glad to be back home… glad megan is missing us and showed us her unhappy look when we’re back home… keke… :P

Saturday, July 17, 2010

daddee 的脸

its a rainy sat morning and the loks stayed at home for our all time fav bfast, the mcd… of course, maybe thats my fav and not joelle’s… keke…

but nevertheless, megan is very fond of mcd bfast’s hashbrown and whenever she sees the mcd delivery package, she would say “daddy, i want hashbrown”!

but the prob is… its my fav too… :P

anyway, since we got nothing much to do, joelle decided to bring out the baby harness thingy and made megan her ‘lab rat’… of course, not to mention, megan is born in the year of mickey mouse…


i must say… they both sure are very leggy… and the thing is, melody seem even more leggy! oh well, at least when they grow up, they dun dangle their legs when they sit on the mrt or bus stop seats… haha…

and then… megan decided to wear the harness… and it sort of reminded me of those good old army days i had…




but of course, looking like daddy would be melody… everyone had been telling joelle that melody is a photostated copy of her daddy… joelle couldn’t see the resemblance until i shown her this…

Copy of img-715172425-0001a

yes yes, thats me… when i was 1… yes yes, where the cuteness gone to… yes yes, where the bubbly face goes to… hey, you guys, ENUFF!

but, dun u think… ???



finally when the rain stopped, of we got to bring megan for her haircut… gosh her hair can really grow… so this time, she is getting a COMPLETE SHAVE!

no lah, 我那里舍得?

just getting it trimmed a little shorter this time round…





can’t wait to see her teacher’s reaction on monday morning…



alrighty… last but not least… our little melody, whom recently ‘earned’ herself a nickname from joelle…



“daddee 的脸”

she smiles when we said that to her!