Saturday, July 17, 2010

daddee 的脸

its a rainy sat morning and the loks stayed at home for our all time fav bfast, the mcd… of course, maybe thats my fav and not joelle’s… keke…

but nevertheless, megan is very fond of mcd bfast’s hashbrown and whenever she sees the mcd delivery package, she would say “daddy, i want hashbrown”!

but the prob is… its my fav too… :P

anyway, since we got nothing much to do, joelle decided to bring out the baby harness thingy and made megan her ‘lab rat’… of course, not to mention, megan is born in the year of mickey mouse…


i must say… they both sure are very leggy… and the thing is, melody seem even more leggy! oh well, at least when they grow up, they dun dangle their legs when they sit on the mrt or bus stop seats… haha…

and then… megan decided to wear the harness… and it sort of reminded me of those good old army days i had…




but of course, looking like daddy would be melody… everyone had been telling joelle that melody is a photostated copy of her daddy… joelle couldn’t see the resemblance until i shown her this…

Copy of img-715172425-0001a

yes yes, thats me… when i was 1… yes yes, where the cuteness gone to… yes yes, where the bubbly face goes to… hey, you guys, ENUFF!

but, dun u think… ???



finally when the rain stopped, of we got to bring megan for her haircut… gosh her hair can really grow… so this time, she is getting a COMPLETE SHAVE!

no lah, 我那里舍得?

just getting it trimmed a little shorter this time round…





can’t wait to see her teacher’s reaction on monday morning…



alrighty… last but not least… our little melody, whom recently ‘earned’ herself a nickname from joelle…



“daddee 的脸”

she smiles when we said that to her!

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