Monday, June 30, 2008

don't poke your nose or else get your nose poked...

last nite, after her nite feed, megan was hit by the 连环-cough attack... and cough until very breathless. gotten us so worried and decided to rush her to hospital... we called up thomson and kk and found that they only have GP and not PD at this wee hours (3am...). and so, while calling the hospitals and finding out the doctors they had, megan kinda settled down and slept... we decided to let her sleep on her pinky chair at the living room that is more spacious... and so, the poor us, slept on the sofa... thank god 当初 sofa 买够大...

as joelle is also down with flu, she slept on and i kept watch... looking at my 2 sick darlings, felt so sad... didn't sleep a wink until 5am and i knocked out... and so, this morning, joelle on mc and i'm on urgent leave... called up thomson medical centre and wanna book for this famous PD, doc ong ek... but his schedule was fully booked lor... early morning when the clinic opens at 9am and he is already fully booked with walk-ins...

and so, we settled for the PD who was assigned to megan when she was born... he is not bad lah, very patient and looking a little sleepy thou... and speaks very slow and softly... while on cabby, joelle said later i better get my ears as close to the doc's mouth as possible... haha... the little one, enjoying car ride as usual...


when we reached tmc, megan already fast asleep... poor little one, couldn't sleep well also...


and when she woke up... she just love to melt her daddy...




lotsa people say, i'm spoiling megan... i know i shouldn't, but i really can't help it...


i mean, how can i resist her, when she keep smiling at me like that?


after seeing megan's PD, she is diagnosed to be infected by the flu virus... in fact, all the kids at the clinic were either sneezing or coughing... i guess its that peak season for flu again... anyway, that PD we went previously at CCK only gave megan medicine to ease her uncomfy-ness... this time, megan is getting anti-biotics... and was sent to the treatment room to clear her mucus from her nose and throat... while laying there waiting for the nurse to prepare, the unwary megan seems curious and wanna play with the nurse...


as the title goes, don't poke your nose or else get your nose poked... once again, i'm tasked to hold on to megan while the nurse do the poking... and megan, screamed in pain...


first the left...


then the right...


just when we tot its over... the poking starts all over again... megan's ordeal lasts about 10 minutes... i was this close, this very close to stop the nurse but has to let the nurse to continue, cuz it does more good than harm to megan... deep deep inside... i'm... broken~~~


when everything is over, i hold megan close to me for as long as i can... and megan, tired from all these crying and screaming... sleeps... i turned to joelle and told her "b... 我要哭了~~~"

thereafter, we proceed to make payment... was queuing behind this parents, and the cashier told them, "$315...". joelle and me looked at each other and "wow...". megan's not cheap either, $141... it include a lab test of the mucus extracted... so lor...

once we reached home, i suddenly gotten so jelly and fell on the sofa... maybe its the lack of sleep, maybe its the shock i got from going thru megan's cries... whatever it is, i'm tired le... and so, joelle got to push megan to the baby sitter and go to see doctor herself (joelle is also sick, remember?)... see, can see joelle and megan waving at me?


and little impression of megan's PD... the real person looks cuter thou...


gosh... i'm still very traumatized by megan's cries this morning... btw, keep the votes rolling... :P


wow... i just realised, voters also got chance to win something wor... rmb to enter your ic and phone number to claim your winnings (see here)! should you win lah, that is...

Public voting for OMY Singapore Blog Awards starts today!










anyway, the public voting lasts for 4 weeks, and public voting counts for 30% whereas the remaining 70% will be determined by professional judges. counting on you wor... :)



Sunday, June 29, 2008


one of megan's fav activity... powerpuff girl stunt? or liberty statue stunt??


anyway, she is so sleepy today...


brought her over to joelle's parent's place... got the kids to pose with megan... this is daryl...


this is dominic...


this is the first time grandpa is carrying megan... it seems megan dun like grandpas to carry... my father also like that, joelle's father also like that... :S


valerie is not allowed to come close to megan, cuz she is down with flu too... and something we found out... valerie actually has a boyfriend!!! 近看一下, 那男的好熟悉哦!


tomolo got to urgent leave again... got to bring megan to a 'better' doctor this time round...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

intangible happiness

didn't sleep well again... joelle was kinda down with flu and me down with headache... 一个小孩生病, 两个大人也跟着倒... it seems megan hasn't recover yet... baby coughs are so hard to go away one mah?? or the paediatrician at cck kidslink is lousy? sometimes, some doctor at some clinic 就是看不好病人, dun know why... tot these high earning doctors supposed to study the same book one? haiz...

anyway, was trying to teach megan to learn how to use her hands to grab things... she is able to grab things with her hands, but not eye-to-hand coordination yet... wanna teach her cause and effect too (e.g. the toy will move if you use your hand to hit it)... however, she does know that if she move her butt hard enuff, the pinky chair will rock... and so, she still haven't use her hands to touch the learning gym set yet... maybe she is still fascinated by its size...


however, megan has no problem interacting with people... she knows people are calling her and playing with her and responds with smiles... she doesn't seems to like my dad much, maybe he look abit stern bah... however, she likes to be carried by my mum, only in one position, that is the hugging position... whenever my mum brings megan down to look at her, megan cries and my mum had to put megan back on her shoulder... it seems like, megan playing my mum out... me and joelle? megan had no problem with any position i carries her... and she always dozed off within minutes when i'm carrying her... she prefers me over joelle wor...


oh well, a little sleeping aries...


little one still coughing and sneezing... another sleepless nite for me again...


btw, nowadays megan seems to gain strength despite being sick... she is able to move her body with pretty much force... once, she was sleeping between us, in the morning, she was found sleeping with her head at my back and her legs at joelle's back... how the hell she got into that position wor?? and did i mention, megan is already 5.9kg and 59.3cm?



hmmm, just now, while having dinner at mcd, joelle ask how would i feel when megan first call me daddy? i dun know how to answer cuz i don't know whats the word for happier than happy... came back home and saw this comic strip on the webby...


maybe it i found an answer to joelle's question: intangible happiness lor...

Friday, June 27, 2008



joelle 上班了!

last nite, my mum saw this and quickly asked me to go get the camera... megan is not ready and not holding her milk bottle yet lah... she is just touching it and my mum was like "哇, 自己拿了!"


and there after, she sleeps... of course not peacefully thru-out the nite lah... she is still coughing thou... it seems like, when the fan is on, she coughs... dun switch on the fan and its so bloody warm... agony...


and this morning... joelle is going back to work... she is feeling really down but i'm kinda happy thou, cuz after 12 weeks of sleeping alone on train (maybe minus once i 'slept with' shirley on the train... keke), finally having company to go to work le... no wonder joelle say i seems so high spirit this morning... :P


and so, the routine is:
6:15am - i wake up and shower
6:25am - i showered and called joelle to wakey while i pack megan's thingy
6:50am - joelle showered and ready to leave the house
7:15am - leave megan at baby sitter's place
7:25am - reached yew tee mrt
8:15am - reached bugis mrt

and i guess, the timing should be getting later and later as time goes by... :P


and little seems as high spirit as her daddy... why wor?


anyway, am really really glad its finally weekend le... and no need to work this weekend... so very very the tired... oh ya, joelle's sister said i looked old in that "i looked terrible" post... so sad wor... :(

Thursday, June 26, 2008

i looked terrible...

and was on urgent leave today cuz last nite didn't sleep at all... megan kept waking up and coughing and sneezing and we got to attend to her... kaoz... look at megan, she was looking so 'steamed' today... poor thing...


she kept doing this, rub nose rub face thingy the whole day and nite... guess she is feeling very uncomfortable... we really dun know what to do to help her... sometimes, i think its her nose itchy, so i rubbed it for her, not even know if it helps or not... sometimes megan looked at me as if asking "daddy, what can you do to help me?"... and i looked back at her as if asking "darling, what can i do to help you??"... feeling totally helpless and lost...


and these are the medicine for megan... the red and white are to be added to megan's milk... and the other one is the nose drop thingy...


i know, so young a baby, so many the medicine... megan feeling shocked too... so darling, you got to recover fast fast k? daddy mummy so worried... :(


look at this poor lack of sleep, tired and worrying daddy... thank god i've shaved, if not i looked even worst... like... tom hanks in cast away... w.i.l.s.o.n....!!!! (hey, thats my brother wor...)


可恶的小木瓜, 竟然笑 daddy??


ok lah, now that megan is with baby sitter, i better go catch some rest... my head still hurts... ouch...