Thursday, April 30, 2009

what goes up must come down

we just realised that megan not only learnt how to climb up the sofa, she learnt how to climb down by herself!

we were trying to teach her how to climb down the sofa few months back and gave up after she shown no interest… and so, we always keep a watchful eye over her by preventing her climbing up the sofa…

until recently, she managed to climb up the sofa (without breaking a sweat) and hence, we keep getting her off the sofa whenever she climbed up… once she got so excited after climbing up the sofa, she crawled away from me and knocked her mouth on the arm-rest, and bled… it wasn’t serious thou…

and this evening, (1 week after she learnt how to climb up the sofa), when i fetched megan from the nanny, she get megan to show me how she climb down the sofa! i asked megan’s nanny if she trained megan to do so, she said she didn’t…

amazed, once i got home, i get megan to do a demonstration…

she really can wor… a little unsteady but she actually learnt it wor! i’m so proud of her…


i think she’s learning to walk soon… she is very efficient in pulling herself to standing position with the help of an object… and occasionally, hands off… recently her “daddy look, NO HAND” stunt hit her personal best record of 5 seconds…


psst… its here again… the 2nd singapore blog awards…

Monday, April 27, 2009

her sweet dreams

last nite, while we were all fast asleep, i suddenly heard megan saying “papa, papa”… immediately, i opened my eyes and saw joelle already woken up looking at megan astonished…

as megan was facing joelle, i signalled to joelle “she awake?”

“nope” came the answer…


then suddenly, megan turned over to face me, still sleeping… and she mumbled “papa, papa” again!


wow… she dreaming of me?? i melted… totally…

Saturday, April 25, 2009


finally, we brought megan out for her first dip in the pool… had been talking about it but couldn’t get it to materialise until today… 2 weeks ago, it was raining, last week joelle working, and finally today, we managed to bring her out for her first dip!










and she really enjoy herself! crawling all over the pool and even trying to venture into deeper part of the pool… she’s so excited that she kept splashing water and her whole face is so full of water droplets and she don’t even bother to ‘blink’ her eyes when water got splashed into her eyes… its really the 水汪汪的眼睛 lor…

now… little one is so tired that she slept right after we got home… and its past her feeding time liao… :P

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

she’s so sleepy

i was in office early today to work, and joelle sent me this when she was sending megan to her nanny’s place… i couldn’t stop smiling then…


Monday, April 20, 2009

megan’s 1st sketcher

hey look, its us… and our hair… :P


yup, its the sketcher i just bought for megan this evening while on my way back…


i think… she likes her new toy…


even more when its still inside the box… :P


okie, the pictures are in reserved order… anyway, while megan was at joelle’s workplace last sat, i realised megan is interested in using the pen to draw (or rather, make markings) on paper… so, i guess its time to get megan her first sketcher… afterall, everyone has their first sketcher… i remembered mine isn’t this big… :P

chatty lately

first of all, something that is overdue… megan’s first tooth appeared 1 day before her birthday… meaning, she can start chewing her food! and speaking of food, i’m cooking her meal this sat, cuz joelle is working on sat… :(

megan's tooth development

here we go… a hard boiled egg and her usual brown rice porridge with minced meat and carrot… happily, i mms joelle this pict, and the reply i got was… “angie said too dry…” “need improvement” “you should cook more often”… kaoz, first try leh… at least megan finished half the egg and half the pot of porridge wor…


and after her nap, we went off to joelle’s workplace to meet her up when she knocking off… yup, joelle is working at wiley…


ohhh… seems like megan is enjoying office environment… especially the office chair… can’t remember whose chair this is, hope the owner don’t mind megan’s drool… who happened to drool pretty much lately…


speaking of drooling, something here to make you drool… yup, its the all time fav muffins from kenny rogers!


we went over ms to have our dinner…


hey hey, megan love ice lemon tea too! just like her daddy, me! of course, she is not drinking that, we don’t allow sweety or cold stuffs for megan yet… see, she is still drooling…


and done a little shopping too… both this little stub thingy for megan’s croc shoes…


IMG_2841 IMG_2840

there after, we headed to the river… this used to be a quiet corner where megan’s mummy and daddy went to paktor when they were… paktor-ing… now, its a noisy place… at least noisy with nice smooth live jazz performance…


and a nice stroll along the river… enjoying the nice scene…


and this is going to be a different view this year end when its completed… hope its a better nice scene than this one…


and the one lion that we can’t get tired of…


megan’s not to enthusiast about the whole thing… maybe she’s tired… and how right we are, cuz its coming to her bedtime… 



and the next day, we let megan carry her bag as we’re setting of to mil’s place… i was thinking what to put in her bag and felt stupid but cute when we found something to put into her little bag… her snacks: 6 little buns…


there she is, standing with support at our dinning table… her head is touching the table top soon…


i think, she is learning to stand soon… we ‘caught’ her, standing up on her own without support, but dropping back on her butt after few seconds… think she is experimenting…

and beside that, she is quite a chatter lately… of course, using her baby language… apart from mama and papa (thou we can’t be sure if her mama and papa refer to us), she is saying sayings these:

“act..perrr” – apple

“barberrr”   - bubble (when having her shower)

“baybeee”    - baby or kids

“duckduck” – anything that is bird…

“dogdog”    - anything that run on 4 legs… mostly dogs and cats

“hissssh”     - fish

and many more, waiting for us to find out… this week, in particular, she is combining her individual baby languages and structuring them into baby sentences…

as i said, she is quite chatty…

Saturday, April 4, 2009

happy birthday to me and megan!

this is going to be a long post… let me touch on the decorations first. we were scratching our heads on where to hold megan’s first birthday celebration, and finally selected to have the celebration held at our place… and in order to make it not boring, we decided to give our place a face-lift… using some paper cuttings transforming boring walls to a colourful one…

 IMG_2458IMG_2459 IMG_2460 IMG_2461


IMG_2577 IMG_2574

IMG_2573 IMG_2578


 IMG_2467IMG_2491 IMG_2492 IMG_2504


IMG_2566 IMG_2565

printed out b&w photos of megan and put it up on a wall… and it looks cool…


and of course, some balloons…


and a banner right at the entrance…


and the little scrapbook that i did for megan…














and the party packs for the kids…

IMG_2551 IMG_2552


and over the past few days, megan is so interested in the new decorations we put up on the walls, and we constantly got to “megan, no!”




finally, its our birthday! and in the early morning, we went over to my parents’ place to pray to ancestor… and my parents prepared a little 捉周 session…


first, she took the calculator…


then the pen…


then the dictionary…


i’m as confused as megan… as to why picking up 3 items instead of 1 neh?? and its some kind of ‘guided choice’ where my parents would somehow ‘point’ megan to the ‘right direction’ towards the calculator… hmmm…



anyway, time to reveal megan’s cake (that she choose herself)…



the buffet, once again, from neo gardens… my guests are getting sick of seeing neo garden buffet… haha


IMG_2608 IMG_2609 IMG_2610


and in a moment later, guests being to pour in and i got no time to snap photo… thank goodness WQ is kind enuff to help out with the photographing… here we go, highlight of the day:

IMG_2612 IMG_2614

IMG_2615 IMG_2621

IMG_2622 IMG_2628

IMG_2630 IMG_2632



and hey, i got a cake too! joelle’s planning this cake for me secretly… hee…


IMG_2648 IMG_2653

IMG_2657 IMG_2660 

IMG_2664 IMG_2669

the guest book, that will go into megan’s scrapbook…




we actually intended to do a modern 捉周 session with our guests, but megan seems too overwhelmed by the eventful day and gets a little cranky… and so, we did the 捉周 session ‘behind closed door’ when everyone leaves for the day…


and it seems, megan simply 捉 alot of items… in fact, almost all the items she go and take… <faint>

IMG_2673  IMG_2680

IMG_2682 IMG_2688

IMG_2689 IMG_2694

IMG_2696 IMG_2697

in the end, we concluded that the item she hold on to for the longest time will be the final item… and it turned out to be… the colour pencil! ok, an artist to be? creative nature?



and at the end of the day… the most exciting part is to unwrap the wonderful presents! look at megan, wondering whats inside this box…


and whats inside the other box…


alrighty, lets see… first on the list… omg, tigger!!





hey look! anther tigger!!!







and many more of these too…


lets look at megan’s tigger collection!



phew… what a tiring day… in fact, i’m having a tiring day 1 year ago too! omg, i really got to turn in soon, so very the tired… thanks to all for your well wishes… and to our guests, thanks for taking the time to share this precious day with us, we hope we can be a better host… :)