Friday, April 4, 2008

megan's arrival

today is my birthday. happy birthday to me, nevertheless... but this year i celebrated my birthday exactly the same way 31 years ago, in hospital. yes, today is also megan's birthday. we've decided, if megan doesn't want to arrive before 4th april, we'll give her a helping hand... by cesarean. and so, at 6am, we got to leave the house to make our way to thomson medical center. before that, one last look at preggie joelle...


a tight tight hug... and off we go~~~


we were given ward 626. as usual, we need to apply for a 4 bedded and was upgraded to a 2 bedded for free... oh well, its only gimmicks bah~~~


anyway, we got a window bed wor... not bad, thou the view is only a construction site lah... :P


oh no, here comes the moment... joelle was wheeled to the operation theatre. she was looking all so calm and relax, but me, i'm freaking out real time~~~ can't eat breakfast at all... kaoz... i'm going to get a nervous breakdown pretty soon, but of course, in front of joelle, must still act steady steady boon pi pi mah... :S


me, on the other hand, was ushered to a room to change into 'scrubs' attire... i looked so... out of fashion...


now, this is a very agonising wait... i don't know i've waited for how long, but this is the worst moment of my life. i'm instructed to sit here, while i can see joelle's bed at the far end of this eerie corridor... for a few times, i asked the nurses if i can just walk over to talk to joelle, but was denied access.. kaoz... then, an anaesthetist came to push joelle into the operation theatre, i stood up and wanna follow, but was stopped by the nurse again... kaoz... then i saw doc adrian went into the operation theatre... now i can't take it liao, i'm not going to let them start without me by joelle's side, so i called out to the nurse again... then she explain, doc adrian will call me to go in when the operation is safe for me to go in... and so, i lan lan sit down lor... agonising wait~~~


finally, when i was at the point of committing suicide, the nurse called me to follow her in... and once i entered the operation theatre, i saw that they had already 'cut up' joelle... ouch... doc adrian instructed me to sit between him and joelle... joelle was staring blankly on the ceiling and was smiling when she saw me... and me? i'm almost tearing cuz i can see what's going on on the other side... there was this opening on joelle's tummy, they were doing those 'lets use a lot of force to open up this girl's pelvis to get the baby' stunt. and so comes the joisting until the whole bed shakes... i was looking ouchy-ly at them doing that stunt on joelle, looking back heart-brokenly at joelle (who obviously don't feel anything at all)... and she can still ask me "没有拍照?"... kaoz... anyway, the nurses don't allow me to take photo during the operation... but i still managed to capture this shot, but was pretty much blocked by doc adrian...


then i saw something round and black, and i turned to joelle and exclaimed "看到头了看到头了"... doc adrian turned to me and say "standby your camera!". and the moment i switched on my camera, doc adrian pulled out our little princess... and without delay, i snap it... this is the most precious moment of my life, cuz this is the first time i laid my eyes on our little princess... and the camera managed to capture this memorable moment... and it was stored forever in my harddisk and my brain...


the above was the most memorable image... and what's the most memorable sound? megan's first cry...


awww... little one's first feeling upon arrival... coldness... mum and dad will provide you with all the warmth you need from now on... but right now, you're all so gluey and slimy and daddy just don't know what to do but to take photo lor...


hmmm... you got long legs like daddy wor... keke...


finally the nurse wrapped megan up in a comfy warm cocoon and took a pict for us... here we are, the LOKs... thou mum and dad looks yucky with the headwear... :P


while doc adrian was sewing up joelle, i was ushered out of the room by a nurse to take some measurements for megan. now, our little angel is 3.3kg...


thats 7.44 pounds...


and her height is 49cm...


and after that, the nurse left me and megan to do some paperwork. and so, i was alone with my darling... but she was wailing and wailing away, and me feeling helplessly helpless... for the first time in my life, i don't know what to do to a wailing girl... finally i managed to get a grip of myself and tried petting and sooth-talking to megan and found the right spot to soothe this little princess of mine... tickle her cheeks... :P


after that, megan was pushed into the nursery room, and i was told she will be kept in there for a few hours before we can see her again, cuz they need to wash and clean her up, incubate her so she wouldn't catch a cold, bla bla bla... and so, i need to look for my other baby... waited for quite some time before joelle was wheeled back to her ward. joelle looked really really tired and when the anaesthetic effect wears off, the vomiting side effect kicks in... joelle will be deprived of food and drink for the next few hours until the next day... i can only sit beside her to pass her the plastic bag to puke and tissue paper to wipe... and waiting for the delivery to come... and it came just after joelle woke up from her little nap...








the nurses who came in to check joelle's blood pressure, etc etc were full of 'awww', 'wow', 'oooh' when they saw the flowers... joelle, all smiles of course... i've placed the flowers in a position, so tomolo morning when she woke up, she can see that the flowers are smiling right at her...


but of course, the flowers can't hold a candle to this angel here... finally i can see megan from the nursery window.


and finally, i can fetch her out of the nursery to our ward... my sweet little princess looked so much sweeter now... she just lay there looking at us, lazily... melting our hearts away~~~


and, this is the moment, i stole megan's 'first kissed by a man' away... muck!


friends and relatives were informed and my mobile got a whopping 99 well-wishing smses... everyone's so happy for us... we're feeling so blessed... :)


friends begin to flood in as they begin to knock off from work... all so eager to see and touch our little princess... of course, those dying to enter motherhood 'borrowed' our princess to 'heng heng' a bit... good luck and good news soon for shumin...


and yiling...


"这样抱来抱去... 我也会累的哦... YAWN~~~"


now the girls made us take a flowery shot again... and yiping was like hitting joody and said "wah liew, 帮你生两个了,都没有花的...". oopsy, joody-san, remember the flowers if you guys are going for the 3rd wor... oh, jace was so tempted to have a second one wor... daryl was like "mummy, 生一个妹妹 leh...". haha...


and so, ends our great adventure for the day... tomolo i'm going over to TMC as early as i can... for my queen and my princess... but before i end this post, here's the gift from our friends... not sure who chipped in for this, but i remembered it came with joody, yiping and shumin. (thanks pals, for the thoughtful gifts...)


and this came with joey, yiling and shirley. (many thanks to esther, shirley, jasmine, hazel, fionn, michelle, yiling, elna, joey, zaini, jin hwei, rachel, jac jac, teresa, lyn, karen, deborah, zena and judy)


and this is from joey and vincent... thanks guys... you two were there when we got married and when our child arrives... i guess it's about time for me and joelle to be there for your event hor... hor?


and thanks to felicia, jonathan and miranda... 你们人还没到, 礼都已经到了, 好有心哦~~~


what a day... got to turn in now... tomolo, another day at hospital again... can't wait to go see megan and joelle... :)


  1. Beautiful Joelle @ 6am in the morning. so impressed with her 'garangness'. Megan so cute and her eyes so alert :) and gorgeous flowers!!

  2. hey, thanks... but hello, where's that "richard you so lovely, send her flower"? "richard you so brave, got see the operation"?