Thursday, April 10, 2008


little angel still sleeping when we are about to set off to tmc for her follow up. while waiting for joelle, i took this shot... i guess little girl's mittens are so so cute. no wonder joelle kept buying and buying non-stop...


when we reached tmc, our number tag happened to be number 44... 0404, megan and my b'day wor... then our nanny saw her nanny-colleague who is also doing confinement assignment. and the baby is born on the same day as megan! and the funny thing is... megan and the baby is wearing the same clothes except hers is white while megan's is pinky... oh, did i mentioned, i got a campmate also same b'day as me and megan? keke... 哎, 小瓜, 你在笑什么?


had been waiting for almost 30 minutes and its feeding time again... after she emptied the bottle, megan was petted to burp... i love watching babies being petted to burp... especially this baby of ours...


finally its our turn to see the 皮跌粹 (paediatric - baby doctor)... and after doctor's diagnose on megan, her jaundice level had dropped and she is good to go! so relieved and happy... even the consultation fee is $65, kaoz...

so we went lot1 to buy some grocery (bought another bottle of kangaroo ridge, keke)and had lunchie... camwhoring while waiting for the food to come and the waitress commented megan so the pretty... i was thinking to myself "of course lah, 她有老爸的魅力,老妈的美丽 wor..."


haha... 真是老黄卖瓜...

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