Sunday, April 6, 2008

megan's day 3

day 3 at hospital... doc adrian accessed joelle and said tomolo can discharge le! yipee! finally can bring little megan home le... and another good news, joelle is producing milk le! and little megan was drinking and drinking for 1 hour non stop...  until we called in the nurses and ask if megan had enuff or not? the nurse said 20 minutes on each breast can le... but megan seems hungry cuz she kept crying... so the nurse suggest joelle to pump the excess milk so the nurse can feed megan later... and so, i rushed home now, to bring all the barang barang, and gonna stay there thru the nite le... so, now, blog first... keke...

my little angel always look so calm when i'm holding her... :)


joelle still not very good at holding megan... cuz joelle still having some coordination problem on which hand hold head and which hand hold buttocks... haha


my mum can't get her hands off megan also...


my dad finally tried holding megan... but megan doesn't look comfy thou...


enuff holding holding for the day, time to take a little nappie... i was trying to take a shot of megan sleeping beside joelle, when megan suddenly opened her eyes and said "daddy... 又要拍照啊?" hee... :P


see see, i told you right? megan always look so comfy with she is in my hands...


oh ya, the many faces of megan...

P1010806 P1010819

P1010820  P1010822

P1010823  P1010824

P1010825  P1010826

ok everyone, 1...2...3... say AWWWWWWWWW.....


  1. got tiny jiu wo when she smile...kawaiii~~

    i think look like shupy more... (heng ah) ^_^

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  3. Wow, 恭喜恭喜. Megan's smile is so charming. Please send Shuping my regards. :)

  4. oei... she take after her father's jiu wo lah... shypy don't have jiu wo leh...

  5. she got ur height and Joelle's character - best combination. They always say tat 1st daughter usually look like dad, dun noe blessing or curse....mwahahahahha! Congrats, she so cute.