Saturday, April 5, 2008

megan's day 2

went back to hospital early this morning and bought joelle a piece of carrot cake. she happily munch on the carrot cake as she was so darn hungry le... but i can't get a full meal, in case she is still puking... anyway, her puking ordeal is over le, so she is able to start taking solid food... the surgery pain, however, is coming... and so, she got to start taking pain killers. today, is also an important day for us, cuz today, megan and joelle got to start learning breast feeding. there is no milk from joelle yet, but the nurses advise us to let megan learn how to attach to joelle's nipple correctly... which is a tough job as this is joelle's first time breast feeding, and there is no milk yet, and megan gets frustrated when she sucks and there is no milk... anyway, we still got to go thru it nevertheless...


can guess which are my fingers and which are megan's toes? not difficult to guess bah... keke


megan's little feetie is so cute...


after enuff trying on breast feeding, we sent megan back to the nursery for feeding. then took her out again to have some fun taking photo of her... she is such a cutie...


and this is so... awww...



i think megan is thinking "so, this is the 2 persons' voice i kept hearing in mummy's tummy..."


after a while, joelle kinda got tired and begin to lose gripe of megan and begin to garang gabok... i quickly took over megan and realised that... hey, i know how to handle megan confidently le wor... i used to having phobia to handle newborns... even up to yesterday, i only hold megan once and was quickly passing her back to the nurse cuz i'm so afraid of dropping her... but today, i just got the confident from nowhere, and from then on, its a breeze... i can even carry megan in one hand... :)


ghee... you don't like daddy kissing you?


after play time is over, megan was put back to her little bed and there she was... go~~~






more friends and relatives visited us today... they were making our day shine as they kept commenting how pretty, sweet and cute, our little princess is... everyone's dying to hold megan (not everyone thou, as they had the same phobia i had previously... keke)... and so, we managed to get judy and weiqiang to pose this 'one happy family' shot...


hey hey, this is my mum... 小公主,皇太后在抱你哦...


and ner came as well... she is so excited about megan... she wanted to see megan waking up but little megan 就是不给面子... keke...


after all the visitors left, we decided to give it a try on the breast feeding practices. this time, megan got really impatient and started crying... after some tries, joelle got so anxious and looked helplessly at megan and megan cried and looked helplessly back at joelle... looking at the two helpless girls, i became helpful by taking over megan from joelle, put her on her mobile bed, pet her, and whisper to her "megan, daddy know you hungry le, daddy push you to get milk milk k? daddy know you tried your best, mummy also tried her best... tomolo we'll try again k? come on, lets go..." and kissed her on her forehead... the little one stopped crying.

when i got back from the nursery, joelle was like "your daughter recognise your voice wor". i explained to joelle that it isn't true lor... megan is impatient and hungry... joelle tried her best to stimulate milk flow but failed... both of them just gave up and look helplessly at each other... i just stepped in to reassure megan that she'll get her food and to reassure joelle that she had tried her best... and that both of them got to try again tomolo...


oh ya, before i leave joelle, i was telling her "our girl's quite impatient, must be because same blood group as you". joelle replied "aries 的吗..."

"b+ 的"

"aries 的"

"b+ 的!"

"ARIES 的!!"

i think the patient on the next bed was like "kaoz... b+ and aries 的!"


  1. Wah.. Mei mei ooo.. Kyler will like her.. woo hoo.. Look like mummy ooo.. Heng ah! :D

  2. kaoz... also look like daddy hor...