Sunday, April 13, 2008

3 months and 1 week...

brought megan for another sun bathe this morning... on the way home, saw joelle's mum, dad and bro... all of them 'swam' to megan's stroller... heard from joelle, that her mum also visits my blog to see megan's photos... omg...



had a lot of visitors today. joelle's relatives and my frd, youhe, who brought along his baby boy kyler... ghee, among my frds, youhe is the first to bring his boy to see megan wor... 有那么急吗?

feeling some kind of agony now, cuz tomolo got to go back to work... think i may miss megan... and joelle too, of course... :P

once joelle told me that one of her colleagues almost missed her baby to tears during her first day back to work... she was 3 months... i'm only 1 week... 应该没那么严重吧...

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