Saturday, April 19, 2008

protected against atomic explosion also mah?

finally 开张 megan's new blanket... cutie rabbits...


today, megan got frightened by noises outside, and was a little edgy and restless... then come these talks about going to 问神 lah, bla bla bla fucking crap chinese stuffs... what? does it mean with the special amulet, i can detonate an atomic bomb without frightening megan? crap...


oops, dun frown baby, afterall, we know 都是为你好... so long it doesn't involve drinking burnt paper... hated these traditional orbit chinese stuffs... no wonder, cw said i'm a 'gan dang' (potato)... look chinese, but dun act like one...


then, how? lets see what experts say:

Infants cry at loud noises because those sounds are unfamiliar to them and it's a normal part of their neurological development. As your baby matures and becomes used to different sounds, she may stop crying when she hears them. Babies also respond according to their temperament. An easygoing baby may take blaring sounds in stride, while a more sensitive child may cry at the slightest whisper. In general, though, babies handle interruptions and noise better as they get older. (extracted from


  1. I guess ... the difference in thinking is what they called THE 'generation gap'. :)

  2. yup... the gap... what to do right?