Thursday, April 10, 2008

megan's lucky number 7th day

last nite, cw came looking for me and pass me the 养命酒 and 鸡精, that he bought for joelle... while talking at the void deck, he suggested going somewhere to sit and talk, and since joelle and megan sleep le, i say "lets go!" and off we go coffee shop to have a short drink... reached back home around 1am, and megan is up and hungry and joelle is expressing milk for megan's next feed... both of them looked at me and "又去抽烟喝酒了..." oopsy... :P

and so, this morning, i overslept and woke up to find joelle and megan beside me... joelle just fed megan and megan is once again, going into sleep mode...

megan really look sweet in pink... :)

oh... got to go see megan's doctor at tmc le... hope her jaundice level drops...

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