Tuesday, April 8, 2008


some personal views i had on confinement practices... i find it, totally stupid and bo liao... no shower, no wash hair, no water, no fan, no this and that... kaoz...

this is totally nonsense... my mum and mil talked about themselves following confinement practices strictly cuz back then, their mils are very stern, so now joelle is considered better than last time liao, so must try to abide by the rules...

me, on the other hand, secretly pass water to joelle, turn on the air con, doing whatever i can to help ease joelle's stress and discomfort... and telling my parents "哇, 这个不可以, 那个不可以, 换成是我, 你们别想抱第二个孙了..." (to give them a little stress, keke)

like i say lor, if you all really follow strictly, why the backache complaints now leh? i meant, 你们老是说, 以后你们就知道. 你们以前也有做月, 现在还不是这里痛那里痛的...


  1. yep, agreed! can you imagine not bathing and washing hair for a month? ...but mayb u can tahan la, trained by commando liao.. hehe

  2. Yah man, I find that most of the numerous restrictions during confinement are of no scientific proof. I am one who didn't follow MOST of it. The only thing I followed was bathing with medicinal water, as I find that it does not make me uncomfortable in any way, so 'chin cai' lor. It's like "...last time it was like this, so now blah blah blah". Wah piang, always follow "last time", then no need to upgrade knowledge liao loh. The bottomline is, listen to your body and act accordingly.

  3. please lor, back in the commando days, i showered 6 times a day lor... i totally agree with irene. confinement practises sucks... but the food is nice thou... for me, i totally disagree with no fanning, no water, and alcohol food... so, i'll be very lax for joelle...

  4. Aiyah.. last time pple in village not near well want water must walk long long journey to get.. after give birth where got energy to walk thats why whole mth never bath mah... thats why this tradition has no scientific logic lah.. but must let her bath warm water lah.. blow dry hair oso.