Saturday, April 26, 2008


dear daddy, this morning you wakey so the early and went off to work... overheard you last nite, when you told mummy that you got to work on sat because of some crazy office renovation, stupid door access problem and buggy GMT issues... 好可怜哦~~~ when you kissie me on my forehead this morning before you leave the house, i knew you'll miss me and mummy... we miss you too...

anyway, while you're at work, i got pretty much nothing to do at home, but to eat and sleep... i heard mummy's handphone kept 'beep beep beep' and i just knew mummy got lotsa smses with you... if only i know how to use a mobile...


you like this shot mummy took for me? i think i look bit ni-hon-ji, don't you think? kawaii?


daddy... why ain't you back? its almost lunchie le... i'm really bored at home and mummy seems like only know how to sing baa baa black sheep... i meant, its a nice song, but whats with the little boy living down the lane? why he want a bag of wool from the black sheep??


mummy seems to like my fingers a lot...


and also my feetie... she kept smelling them and says "hmmm... baby 的味道!" 有那么香吗? daddy... why ain't you back? 2pm le wor...


yipee... daddy finally back le! but dun know why suddenly everyone dressing me up and we went out of house... then i realise, we're visiting my baby sitter's house lor... you and mummy seems like want to consider more... 我真的给你们很多头疼哦... but then, i really enjoy the trip, cuz you carrying me thru-out... i just so love daddy carrying me... so the comfy...


yeah, we're home again... so tired... think daddy you even more tired... wakey so early to worky, came back and slept only 1 hour and off we go to baby sitter's place and have to carry me all the way... but, YAWN... me tired too...



hmmm... daddy taking photo of me and mummy again... daddy, u think i look like mummy more or look like you more??




daddy, i know you'll pai say if i show this photo... but this is the first time you feeding me and mummy happily taking photo of us wor... but daddy, i must say, your feeding skill is not bad, but the only problem is...


you dun know how to burp me...


i know you tried your best, but daddy, 我真的好辛苦啦~~~


hmmm... i really really like it when i'm in your arms...


daddy, you better turn in early... so long day for you le... mummy also tired too... both of you sleep tight wor... i really dun know whats going to happen to both of you when my nanny go back next week... so, please sleep more and rest well while you can now... :P


Love Always,
Megan Lok

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