Friday, April 11, 2008


this morning, woke up, expecting something sweet coming my way, and thats my little angel looking fresh, smelling nice and forever so so sweet... while waiting for joelle to get ready to breastfeed megan, i did a little make over for megan... hee, so cute...


after feeding, megan once again having difficulties to burp... and so, we decided to follow the doctor's instruction to lay megan on the bed like a 趴地熊... at first, megan seems like resisting this position, but after a while, she settled in and kinda find it comfy...


so comfy and happy...


and dozing off... aiyo, you're supposed to burp not doze...


one more shot of her mitten,


one more shot of her socks,


and we carried her up and suddenly, a loud loud burp from megan, sending us laughing... and so, off she go to her sleep mode once again...

oh, valerie didn't go to school today, and was brought over to our place by her dad... hmmm... 双雌会! these 2 girls are so sweet... 真的是甜到~~~


val got hungry and the nanny cooked some noodle for her... wow, got eggie and veggie somemore... we felt this nanny is really good, knowledgeable and handle megan very well... not to mention her cooking is great too... and she does all the laundry and area cleaning everyday... haiz, for 28 days over, after that, don't know both of us can handle or not... :P

oh ya, val forgotten her 'missing' teeth and smile broadly wor... keke... 讲话有没有漏风? haha...


now, what happens if you see 3 girls laying on your bed?




today i took a video clip of little hicky megan... listen to her little shriek of hicups... hic hic hic... even hicups can be so the cutie...

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