Monday, April 14, 2008

一日不见, 真要命

my first day back to work after megan's arrival was a disaster... missed my little angel terribly... woke up, brush up, wash up, dress up, and getting all ready but not so ready to go to work... my little angel is wide awake, hungry for milk as usual... after her feeding, i hold her for as long as i can, telling her i'm going to work today and will miss her terribly... dun feel like going to work at all... feel like sms cw to take another day leave... but, cannot lor... kaoz...

super lan lan, super 舍不得, gave joelle 1 goodbye kiss, and megan 3 goodbye kisses... (dun ask how come the difference... haha), and off i go to work... right after i went off to work, joelle snapped this smiley look...

joelle was like, "megan so happy daddy not around to 烦 her..." when she showed me this evening... 不可能! 不可能! 不可能!

see lah, i said 不可能 right? look, megan is frowning le... think she is missing daddy as much as daddy misses her... or, i think she kind of look like... baking cake... :P


i guess, when daddy is not around, megan is kind of... yawn... bored... but wait, today i'm not around and she kanna mossie bite on her pretty cheek... kaoz...


joelle told me, megan learnt a new skill today... that is, how to keep the pacifier in her mouth without sucking on it too hard by using her hand... oooh, megan so clever, not like your mother... haha... ouch, don't pinch my ear dear, i'm only joking... :P


anyway, the first thing i wanna do the moment i stepped in office, is to knock off... and finally time crawled to 5:30 and off i go... but not to home thou, cuz this evening we got to see gynae to have joelle's wound checked. and joelle has to leave home late lor, prolonging me and megan's separation...

anyway, doc adrian removed the 'plaster' thingy, cut off some extra thread, accessed joelle's wound and said she is recovering well... joelle asked doc adrain how come painless one? doc adrain answered "oh, you want pain one, next time i do for you lor..." (aiyo... so cheeky wor... but i got 偷笑 abit lah... hee...)

den we asked him, if there is any food to avoid? he was like "nope... just eat anything lah... chicken, prawn, coke, whatever..." (wow, 真的吗?)

finally, one question from him, "got do confinement or not?". we answered "yup"... he replied "aiya, must shower everyday. keep the wound as clean as possible. the confinement practices can follow the least, the better..." (wow, 动听wor...)

next appointment, is one month later... i guess, this is the last time we're going to see him (until megan getting a sibling... but, not in near future thou). so, we have 2 important things to do when we visit him again:

1. bring megan along and take a picture with him

2. ask him if he is an ang mo... (joelle had been dying to ask him since day one)


oh ya, i finally got home, and the first thing i did is to hold megan for a long long time... telling her how muchie daddy misses her... she was like staring at me... either she is suffering from STM symptom (like her mum) and forgotten who i am... or she misses me just as much and wanna look at me for as long as she can... (ok, i'm taking the 2nd reason...) i'm carrying her for so long until joelle and the nanny has to bug me to have my dinner... :P

oh no, tomolo another day... god help me~~~


  1. Megan has a sweet. see her pix also happy :) so cute. either u have a very garang wife or u dun blog abt joelle and her discomfort after she gave birth. Tell me the truth! Dun mask it with Cute Megan!btw - i think i heard ur doc is a mixed blood leh.

  2. tat pix with her smiling so cute! i make xy come walk from the kitchen to my laptop in the living room to view it! hahahha. xy so jealous of her too.

  3. yalor.. since megan's birth u dun blog so much about joelle liao.. dun forget her huh..

  4. aiya, not i dun wanna put joelle's photo lah... she dun wanna take photo also... :P

  5. wah her smile really super cute lor!!

    (wah lau i from last post reading back to first post ok? but your girl too cute, cannot resist! keke~)