Sunday, April 27, 2008

RE: 给老爸的一封信

dear megan, daddy had a good nite sleep... and overslept this morning. i still haven't give you a bathe yet, cuz daddy kept overslept during weekends... but, its really great to wake up and see an ever so pretty you... and this morning, daddy didn't even bothered to eat bfast and just sit on our sofa looking at you...


late morning, and you're even more sexy wor... 洞洞装哦... 看你睡得多甜...


daddy really like to see you in this cutie pinky ribbony bootie...


at noon, daddy and mummy felt really sorry and guilty to leave you behind for our haircut... but we really got to do up our hair, cuz its getting messy le... we look good, so that you'll look good mah... keke... see, daddy look nicer right?


haha... this is the part when daddy is running out of songs and decided to sing this hokkien song "一把小雨伞" to you instead... of course, the daddy's version... and of course, daddy humming those censored parts of the song lah... in this picture, daddy is singing "你别怕, 我的 hmm hmm 不是山上的毒蛇" ... ghee, you looked really scared... haha~~~


see, you and your pretty mummy... i feel you look like me more in this shot leh... how come, lotsa daddy mummy friends say you look more like mummy wor?



hee... a bit squeezy for the 3 of us...


i guess its really squeezy for you... look at you...


darling, daddy got to go back to work tomolo again... you'll learn that we have to work 5 days then only can rest 2 days... sometimes, we have to work 6 days leaving only 1 day to rest... but for you, you have 7 days every week, to grow grow grow... and today, its your 24th day since you were born, how do you find it here?

in a few days' time, its going to be the 5th month of the year. and on the 1st may, we'll be bringing you over to grandpa and grandma's place to 拜祖先. you are the 陆's first 内孙 wor...

the 3rd of may, we'll be holding a little party for you... its your full month celebration... and it also marks the end of mummy's confinement... but then, your nanny will also be leaving us le... so be patient with daddy and mummy k? we still got tons to learn to taking care of you... 我们三个都加油哦!

the 12th of may... we got to let you know about this day, without this day, there wouldn't be you wor... cuz this is the day, daddy and mummy got together... and it was 1996, many many years ago wor...


oh ya, one good news for you, this week daddy work 4 days only wor... cuz 1st may is a holiday... :)


Love you more and more,

Richard Lok

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