Saturday, April 12, 2008

i'll give in, if you do that to me again...

this morning, its another good sun shine day for a good sun bathe... and so, i brush up and wash up and get megan ready for a little pushie in her ferrari... in the meanwhile, joelle and nanny were like "oooh, daddy bring you out gai gai lor..." and megan was looking so happy... (wondering how to break the bad news to megan that daddy is going back to work next monday le...)


while tanning, i noticed megan's little sockie got cuter by the day...


and so were her hankies... oh ya, got to cover up her eyes during the tanning cuz little angel's eyes are still very sensitive... btw, babies are born shortsighted, at this age, megan can see up to 1 meter le... and she recognises faces she sees everyday... (i'm not bluffing wor, i read all these from babycenter)


after tanning the front side for 10 minutes, its time for the back side... this time, i got to carry megan... her body is still so soft and so, i got to lean backwards for her to lean on me more comfortably... not really comfy for both of us thou... i got to stop tanning after 6 minutes cuz the sun is getting really hot and my back is getting really achy with all the leaning backwards... ouchy...


finally back home... since megan settled in, i was trying to get her to smile for the camera (by now, you all already know how 'heart-melty' her smiles can do, right?)... come baby, smile for daddy...


and this time, she got notti... :P


ghee... one of the things i read from the web, is that babies will try to mimic the facial expressions of the people she sees everyday... besides smiling at her, i think i also stick out my tongue at megan... 惨了惨了! 小瓜, 不要学wor...

today megan got visitors... besides daily (almost) visits from my dad...


my 二姨, that will be megan's 二姨婆 (just know my 二姨 also visited my bloggie to see megan's photo wor...)


this is ah-yan... my sweet cousin... 二姨's daughter, who had a hard time trying to carry megan... haha, a little more practices should be ok lah... :)


after all the guests left, we brought our little angel into our room and have a little playtime and had a '3 of us' time together... if i can ask megan a question which she will answer me now, it would be...

"Whats going on in your head when you're smiling?"

P1010998 P1020002

P1020003 P1020004

 P1020006  P1020009

P1020013 P1020014

i think, the answer is pretty simple... "I'm happy, daddy..."

now, if she ever wants anything from me, she just need to pull the below look for me, and i'll just give in... i mean, who wouldn't?? right?


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