Saturday, September 26, 2009

An early Mid Autumn Celebration @ Limbang Park

just realised that there is an event hosted by yew tee cc to celebrate the mid autumn festival… was supposed to get a lantern for megan before heading over to limbang park, but was kinda late after getting ourselves ready to go… so, we just take it as a walk after dinner…

megan kinda ‘sensed’ we’re planning to go out… and we are finally ready to go, megan quickly grab her shoes, came over to me. as i was standing, watching tv, i didn’t realise she is waving her shoes at me… and when i finally gave her attention, she smile so sweetly… 



and once she is out of the lift, she went running… and even imitate my hands-behind-back walking posture lor…


there’s lotsa lanterns and candle burning at the park, which of course i didn’t capture much as there’s too many people around and we got to watch over megan before some kids ran megan over with their bicycle (which they are not allowed in the park)…


anyway, had a nice walk after dinner… and megan, KO the moment she reached home…

Monday, September 21, 2009

finally a long weekend…

was feeling extremely unwell last friday with a mind tearing headache and a swollen eye… again… 2007, 2008 and now… too heaty liao, anyway, recovering well… and still not in a good state to have 自拍 with megan, and its really difficult using a dslr to do so… wonder how xiaoxin actually did it…

anyway, here we go…







dominic and valerie stayed over on sunday and dominic promised to cook us lunch… he managed to whip up a soup and a veggie, not bad for a sec 1 boy, i meant i can’t cook when i was sec 1 lor… in fact, i still can’t cook lor… :P


and valerie only watching? no way, made her to ‘work’… thou only for 5 minutes…

IMG_5079 IMG_5084

IMG_5082 IMG_5092

thanks to nicky for the salty lunch… it wasn’t that bad actually, but definitely got room to improve…

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ever since i had my dslr,

i seldom do 自拍, cuz its bulky and heavy to hold the camera using one hand… this evening, however, megan and i gave it a shot… many shots in fact…

psst, megan is so vain lor, she wanted me to show her the photo after each shot is taken, then getting herself ready for the next shot… and she know where to look also…






‘ouch’… i think she got enuff of kissing… :P


Saturday, September 12, 2009

our sat roundup

megan’s nanny gave her this cutie balloonie chair… there’s actually 2 chair and a table, all balloonies… look at her, enjoying her fav yoyotv while being a coach potato…



we also realised that megan had been watching too much tv programs… especially tv commercials… she can even sing 草蜢 - 宝贝对不起.. and it goes something like this “...对不起 ...爱你 ” and they said tv programs are bad for kids?? hmmm…

IMG_4969 IMG_4970

IMG_4971 IMG_4985

and her recent craze… the hi5…


can’t stay home for the whole day… and in the evening, went over to mil’s place and hence bring megan to the zhenghua park for a little walk…

IMG_5003 IMG_5005

IMG_5009 IMG_5012


had a great sat… :)

outdated pose: gathering @ teresa’s

i know this is way outdated… but here we go… the little ones’ little shoes…


having fun snapping the little ones whose having fun… too bad, didn’t bring my ‘big gun’ along, so got to make do with the ‘small gun’… which is running low on battery somemore… grrr…

P1040541 P1040542

a wonderful spread prepared by teresa…


gosh, it used to be toothpicks back in the days… now i can’t pick my tooth after munching these bites… maybe i still can, when no one is watching… haaa…

P1040546 P1040547

now, getting the little ones to pose for a group photo is way impossible… nattie is the most corporative one!





i gave up… where’s gabby? she is running all over the place… i just got to sit in one place, waiting for her to zoom pass me… there!!!


and megan and nicky… hiaz, finding a nice quiet spot of their own… again… i really need to be more watchful after what had happened… :P


Sunday, September 6, 2009

i was browsing photos on my phone and found these…

yup, these shots of megan taken from my mobile which i decided not to post due to over and under exposure… but then, looking thru these photos, i then realised, megan looked so different back then…

dated as far as sept’08, 1 year ago…


my goodness… is this megan???


gosh… where’s her neck??





her that cheeky look again…



ok, a more recent photo, just this weekend, sept ‘09… we went for a walk at the canal behind our place, which was given a face-lift…




and of course, bringing megan to the playground… where she enjoyed herself…