Saturday, September 12, 2009

outdated pose: gathering @ teresa’s

i know this is way outdated… but here we go… the little ones’ little shoes…


having fun snapping the little ones whose having fun… too bad, didn’t bring my ‘big gun’ along, so got to make do with the ‘small gun’… which is running low on battery somemore… grrr…

P1040541 P1040542

a wonderful spread prepared by teresa…


gosh, it used to be toothpicks back in the days… now i can’t pick my tooth after munching these bites… maybe i still can, when no one is watching… haaa…

P1040546 P1040547

now, getting the little ones to pose for a group photo is way impossible… nattie is the most corporative one!





i gave up… where’s gabby? she is running all over the place… i just got to sit in one place, waiting for her to zoom pass me… there!!!


and megan and nicky… hiaz, finding a nice quiet spot of their own… again… i really need to be more watchful after what had happened… :P


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  1. Soooo cute! Dropping by...

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