Monday, September 21, 2009

finally a long weekend…

was feeling extremely unwell last friday with a mind tearing headache and a swollen eye… again… 2007, 2008 and now… too heaty liao, anyway, recovering well… and still not in a good state to have 自拍 with megan, and its really difficult using a dslr to do so… wonder how xiaoxin actually did it…

anyway, here we go…







dominic and valerie stayed over on sunday and dominic promised to cook us lunch… he managed to whip up a soup and a veggie, not bad for a sec 1 boy, i meant i can’t cook when i was sec 1 lor… in fact, i still can’t cook lor… :P


and valerie only watching? no way, made her to ‘work’… thou only for 5 minutes…

IMG_5079 IMG_5084

IMG_5082 IMG_5092

thanks to nicky for the salty lunch… it wasn’t that bad actually, but definitely got room to improve…

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