Friday, September 4, 2009

our weekend chalet, ep5 (finale)

continued from ep4…

i wonder if anyone actually waited for this last ep of our chalet… if anyone actually does, so sorry, was really dead tired this whole week… drop dead tired over work… :P

anyway, here we go, the last part… after the morning walk at the beach with megan, we went back to the chalet and rest while waiting for dominic and daryl before heading to the…


wild wild wet! nicky is too ‘shy’ to go half naked… haa… if only he eat lesser, then he wouldn’t be that shy bah… :P

IMG_4853 IMG_4854

megan is all ready with her ‘diving suit’ …. :P




oooh… its a hot hot day with a hot hot floor…


once into the water… megan going wild… no wonder they call it wild wild wet…



IMG_4872 IMG_4873 IMG_4876



ok, i got to get wild and wet too… no more photo taking and off i go to the rides and slides and splish and splash… and after a few hours of fun… everyone’s tired…


headed back to the chalet to rest for a while, and getting ready for the…




wow… nicky looking pro leh…

IMG_4908 IMG_4909

but then, fire ain’t warming up, despite his effort…

IMG_4910 IMG_4911

megan managed to come down for a while before it gets too warm for her and she is ‘grounded’ back at the air-conditioned chalet…


now, things are getting heated up…

IMG_4922 IMG_4920

IMG_4924 IMG_4928

and with the BBQ, comes the last nite of our chalet… went back home the next day, feeling even more tired… fulfilling thou, but really tired… ;)


the end…

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