Saturday, November 24, 2012

to move about restlessly or impatiently

That would be the web definition of fidget and that’s what we wanna let the girls do to deplete their exponential energy level today…

But first, a visit to MCD at KAP (King Albert Park)…

Next, its heading to the Fidgets (…

Never ending running, jumping, sliding, shouting, screaming for the kids… in another, a fun day for Megan and Melody…

Oh… And today Fidgets is bringing in face painting! But of course, Megan is getting it done on her arm instead of her face… and it’s a Unicorn!

Melody… she’s too 洁辟 to have it done on her…

Anyway, Megan managed to get hold of the push car thingy and started pushing Melody around… which, both of them enjoyed it…

The kids had a great time today, and so are we… thou my back is hurting now after Melody made me climbing up and down with her in the indoor playground obstacle course…

I guess, Megan had such a great time today that as she was writing on her magna doodle this evening, she asked me “Daddy, how do spell I LOVE MY FAMILY?”

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Megan. Her 3 years in childcare!

Last Sat was Megan's graduation concert and we attended with joy to see another batch of happy kids graduating from K2 to Primary, and of course, Megan promoting from N2 to K1.

Because of Megan's height, she is always being mistaken as a kindergarten student. But now, we can proudly announce, this little girl is K1... soon...

Looking back, Megan was with Chow and Chows for 3 years!

2010, Megan in PG Performance

2011, Megan in N1 Performance

2012, Megan in N2 Performance

And this evening, we collected her graduation photo shoot!




Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let's go out and play

Since early Oct, the girls were down with virus, stomach flu followed by common flu virus, both of which requires the girls to have plentiful rest and of cuz, me and Joelle are totally tired out after these numerous sleep deprived nites.

That means also, no outing or whatsoever for the kids. So, for the month of Oct, the girls had been asking me to bring them to the playground, that I rejected them...

This Sat morning, I decided otherwise...