Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

In this final hour of 2012, finally settled down to start thinking about my resolution for 2013…

2012, obviously the world didn’t end there. And obviously, nothing exciting happen to me either… Pretty much happenings happened in 2011, and 2012 is just plain sailing for me… Even facebook confirms my plain sailing 2012 is really plain with my 2012 Year in Review, that’s just plain crap… http://www.facebook.com/yearinreview/xiaofu77

So, 2013… time to make plans and make it a different one!

Lets see… quit smoking? start exercising? eat healthier? spend lesser? get my 6 packs back??


AARRGGH… already not looking forward to 2013 with all these resolutions…

Maybe I should amend a little:

- Quit smoking when showering
- Start exercising, starting with the mouth exercises
- Eat healthier by reducing daily fastfood desires to weekly
- Spend lesser time on work
- Get my 6 packs back… on my facebook profile pict…