Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Had a jumpy good time at Bambini

it was megan’s school closure last friday and we took a day off to bring her out to chill out… but the problem is, where? zoo? joelle almost fainted at that suggestion…

nevertheless, we did our research and decided on, Go-Go Bambini A Dempsey Hill (check them out)


before the bambini thingy, we settled our bfast at the Ranch Home, also the home to Ben & Jerry…


oh ya, this does show clearly its home to Ben & Jerry…


while waiting…


and this alone is like 3 mcd bfast meal… :P


and its huge…



and of course, the highlight of the day, the indoor playground at Bambini…







i just love the smiles she had that day…



i did mentioned JUMPY good time right?





now this is one slam dunk move…


finally, after 3 hours… we get to rest… phew…



and she returned right after lunch… i wonder where she got these unlimited energy from?


at the end of the day, while on cab home, i asked megan if she is happy today, and she replied…

“Yes, I’m happy today, its my birthday…”


i guess she enjoyed herself so much that she thot its her b’day… :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

YIFON’s Brilliant Quick Fix

Friends, who know me well, should have already known I’m a mushroom lover… especially when it comes to steamboat buffet; I would go for all the mushrooms available on the menu.

From 金針菇, 鲍菇, 草菇, 香菇, 蘑菇 all the way to shiitake, there’s simply too many ways to cook the mushrooms, but as working adults and parent of two, cooking is always a hassle and what’s worst, I can’t cook! Haha…

Anyways, thank god my wife cooks… but it would mean having to soak the dried mushrooms for a good 5-10 minutes or having to open up the can of mushrooms in order to have a meal of mushrooms, and sometimes, the can opener is nowhere to be found…

Imagine having bottled mushrooms where you get mushrooms straight from the bottle, without the hassle to cook!

And YIFON came up with the brilliant quick fix with its range of bottled mushrooms.


I was lucky to be given the chance to taste YIFON’s range of bottled mushrooms, 6 bottles of them to be exact… and the first on the menu, the Assorted Mushrooms; instead of 1, now I get 3 types of mushrooms straight from the bottle (香菇, 蘑菇, 金針菇)!




No preservatives, no artificial colourings, and consumable once opened from the bottle, or to be cooked with instant noodles and cup noodles! It’s really that convenient and unexpectedly fresh and tasty…


My stomach is complaining while I’m working thru this… got to end this and munch…



The YIFON bottled mushrooms is available at all major supermarkets. Check ‘em out!


For more information, visit: http://www.yithong.com/

Monday, November 15, 2010

Joelle’s B’Day . Megan’s Graduation Performance

Its Joelle’s birthday last friday and we taken a day off to celebrate it, by just having time of our own… we broken the tradition of going to Chong Qin Hotpot as Joelle was having migraine attacks on wed and thurs, hence we skipped the hotpot lunch… and of course, also because we couldn’t make it on time… :P

hence we settled for Waruku…






our verdicts… it looks good… thats all… anyway, had some time of our own, walking around and i realised how to reject incoming calls on iphone… damn bugging office users kept calling me, you all can go to hell for all i care… (haa, sounds like i’m quiting soon…)

oh ya, regarding that, u can reject incoming calls on iphone by simply doubling clicking the on/off button… yeah, u hear me, its not i missed your calls, i rejected your calls! i’m on leave!

and the day ended at mil’s place for the b’day celebration as Joelle and Valerie are born on the same day, 23 years apart thou… :P





i think Valerie is very very happy that day…


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dearest Joelle and Valerie…



next up, Megan’s Graduation Performance…


here’s some photos, oh ya, the performance was at South View Primary School… guess what? Joelle’s Primary school lor…








and not to miss out… the video of megan performing… sorry about the quality thou… :P

overall, i think megan did a grrrreat job… we’re so very proud of her…


wonder if she will get the snow white role next year?? hmmm… :P

Friday, November 12, 2010


Its Joelle birthday today, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!

And a little something from Megan too!

Monday, November 8, 2010

some vids of megan and melody…

and yes, melody is on solid food now… or rather, not-so-solid kind of solid food… she had expressed interest in food, wanting to grab food from us whenever she saw us eating… hence, since one of the answer to ‘when should we start solid food?’, is… when your kid express interest in food… oh well… she munch pretty well…

and… of course, after the munching and short rest, its time to work out… megan and melody sure having tons of fun at the playground… so do we… :)

and this evening, after our dinner, we went mcd to grab some nibbles… out of suddenly, megan started singing… we couldn’t make out what she’s singing thou, but she look and sound really cute… and sweet…

shot and uploaded from my iphone… but then, still haven’t found that one great blogging apps… yet…

Sunday, November 7, 2010


not another long time no blog post i’m going to write… it had been hell of a week i had due to the company email server down… everything is really not going well, except, the sisters had recovered from all the buggy flu bugs…

still very much into iphone, and just realised that i already had 155 apps on my iphone… and increasing… and megan, had already figured out how to open, close and switch between apps… and even to adjusting the volume… iphone is one really user friendly phone…

and of course, with iphone and constant connection to the internet, photo taking and posting to the facebook is almost a plus for me… speaking of which, the facebook apps for iphone sux real time… lotsa thingy cannot be done, or i haven’t figured how its done? for example,  after uploading a photo, i can’t tag or share the photo using the facebook apps… that, already sux big time…

anyway, the camera on iphone is really great, and those photo editing apps are really cool too… enjoy the photos of the sisters…

Picture 014

Picture 016

Picture 017

Picture 028

Picture 035

Picture 042

Picture 049

Picture 054

Picture 059

Picture 060

Picture 061

Picture 067

Picture 068

Picture 071

Picture 077

Picture 083

Picture 085

Picture 090 

Picture 087


oh ya, most importantly, my nicks in the gaming apps is ningmengcha. :P