Sunday, November 7, 2010


not another long time no blog post i’m going to write… it had been hell of a week i had due to the company email server down… everything is really not going well, except, the sisters had recovered from all the buggy flu bugs…

still very much into iphone, and just realised that i already had 155 apps on my iphone… and increasing… and megan, had already figured out how to open, close and switch between apps… and even to adjusting the volume… iphone is one really user friendly phone…

and of course, with iphone and constant connection to the internet, photo taking and posting to the facebook is almost a plus for me… speaking of which, the facebook apps for iphone sux real time… lotsa thingy cannot be done, or i haven’t figured how its done? for example,  after uploading a photo, i can’t tag or share the photo using the facebook apps… that, already sux big time…

anyway, the camera on iphone is really great, and those photo editing apps are really cool too… enjoy the photos of the sisters…

Picture 014

Picture 016

Picture 017

Picture 028

Picture 035

Picture 042

Picture 049

Picture 054

Picture 059

Picture 060

Picture 061

Picture 067

Picture 068

Picture 071

Picture 077

Picture 083

Picture 085

Picture 090 

Picture 087


oh ya, most importantly, my nicks in the gaming apps is ningmengcha. :P


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  1. melody is forever so cute lah (: waaa 155 in iphone? that is a lot!