Sunday, November 21, 2010

YIFON’s Brilliant Quick Fix

Friends, who know me well, should have already known I’m a mushroom lover… especially when it comes to steamboat buffet; I would go for all the mushrooms available on the menu.

From 金針菇, 鲍菇, 草菇, 香菇, 蘑菇 all the way to shiitake, there’s simply too many ways to cook the mushrooms, but as working adults and parent of two, cooking is always a hassle and what’s worst, I can’t cook! Haha…

Anyways, thank god my wife cooks… but it would mean having to soak the dried mushrooms for a good 5-10 minutes or having to open up the can of mushrooms in order to have a meal of mushrooms, and sometimes, the can opener is nowhere to be found…

Imagine having bottled mushrooms where you get mushrooms straight from the bottle, without the hassle to cook!

And YIFON came up with the brilliant quick fix with its range of bottled mushrooms.


I was lucky to be given the chance to taste YIFON’s range of bottled mushrooms, 6 bottles of them to be exact… and the first on the menu, the Assorted Mushrooms; instead of 1, now I get 3 types of mushrooms straight from the bottle (香菇, 蘑菇, 金針菇)!




No preservatives, no artificial colourings, and consumable once opened from the bottle, or to be cooked with instant noodles and cup noodles! It’s really that convenient and unexpectedly fresh and tasty…


My stomach is complaining while I’m working thru this… got to end this and munch…



The YIFON bottled mushrooms is available at all major supermarkets. Check ‘em out!


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