Friday, April 3, 2009

in a couple of minutes,

megan is turning 1! (and of course, i’m turning older… at 32…)


was busy over the past few days with the coming b’day party preparation, and so busy till no time to blog, or more realistically, no energy to blog… :S

let’s see, something is done to these boring walls…

IMG_2458 IMG_2467

and added something to the ceilings too… and many more to show in tomolo’s post bah… ;)


and from megan’s reaction… i guess she’s happy… oooh, the killer dimpers…


oh ya, guess most of you heard about this 抓周 thingy, from a traditional those:


we made it a fun thing with these instead:


dictionary: writer/scientist

calculator: businessman/entrepreneur

pen: calligrapher/scholar

ruler: lawyer/judge

seal: government job

color pencils: artist/painter

screwdriver: engineer

lipstick: pretty lady/cosmetic profession

thermometer: doctor

chopstick: chef/food industry

tambourine: musician

bankbook: millionaire/banker

trophy: athlete

ball of thread: fashion designer

shoes: traveller/adventurer

mouse: it profession


oh ya, we took a day off today, to clean up the house and the toys (got to disinfect all the toys, cuz got kids coming over tomolo…)


and we went for a spa in the afternoon… which almost become a must during birthdays… and this time, its joelle’s treat… :P

ok gtg, mcd delivery is here. yup, tidying up the house till having late dinner… so tiring wor…

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