Sunday, June 15, 2008

be careful... she melts people...

wow... last nite, megan had her milk milk at 1:40am and slept thru out the nite... she kinda wakey at 7am and went back to sleep... so i also go back to sleep lor... then i hear her making noise at 9:30am... tot joelle fed her at 8am, checked out the notice board, kaoz, still 1:40am... megan has not been feeding for 8 hours! and she doesn't even complain wor... then again, did joelle fed her and forgotten to write on the board?? :S

i quickly go to megan's cot and say to her "megan, good morning, not hungry meh?"... she just smile at me, and i just melted into a puddle of water... i think she haven't had her milk milk, better faster make her milk milk... giving her extra dosage: 5 scopes + 150ml...

after joelle fed and bathed megan, she started doing her melt-daddy-stunt again...


melt-o-meter level 1...



melt-o-meter level 2...




melt-o-meter level 3... daddy officially melted at this point... i need to protect the readers of this blog... better stop posting liao...



think i'm going to get a lot of comment on this next shot... whatever ah!


and oh ya.... you all guessed it... the darn black line!!!

btw, joelle was packing megan stuffs to be brought over to the baby-sitter... we're sending megan to her care-giver on monday... kinda worrying but super bo bian and has to do it lor... and joelle was like "maybe i can 'forget' to give baby-sitter this and that, then i can go over in the afternoon and pass her the thingy and visit megan hor?"

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