Friday, June 27, 2008

joelle 上班了!

last nite, my mum saw this and quickly asked me to go get the camera... megan is not ready and not holding her milk bottle yet lah... she is just touching it and my mum was like "哇, 自己拿了!"


and there after, she sleeps... of course not peacefully thru-out the nite lah... she is still coughing thou... it seems like, when the fan is on, she coughs... dun switch on the fan and its so bloody warm... agony...


and this morning... joelle is going back to work... she is feeling really down but i'm kinda happy thou, cuz after 12 weeks of sleeping alone on train (maybe minus once i 'slept with' shirley on the train... keke), finally having company to go to work le... no wonder joelle say i seems so high spirit this morning... :P


and so, the routine is:
6:15am - i wake up and shower
6:25am - i showered and called joelle to wakey while i pack megan's thingy
6:50am - joelle showered and ready to leave the house
7:15am - leave megan at baby sitter's place
7:25am - reached yew tee mrt
8:15am - reached bugis mrt

and i guess, the timing should be getting later and later as time goes by... :P


and little seems as high spirit as her daddy... why wor?


anyway, am really really glad its finally weekend le... and no need to work this weekend... so very very the tired... oh ya, joelle's sister said i looked old in that "i looked terrible" post... so sad wor... :(

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