Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i've just realised,

...that, i'm not being voted by the public yet to be top 10 in one of the singapore blog awards categories. i was selected by omy's panel of judges to be top 10, and the voting by public starts only when omy announces on 30th june, and then only, public voting starts for a period of 4 weeks, and during these weeks, public can vote once per day... and since joelle promised me that she'll be voting for me, i guess she meant once everyday, that will be 28 votes le wor... that got to count for something hor? keke... but then again, public voting contributes 30%... 70% of the decision still goes to the panel of professional judges... ghee, this sounds really serious wor... frankly speaking, being able to come in top 10 is really something for me le, cuz in school also never come in top 10, buy 4D also never got top 10, maybe kanna consolation prizes before but thats only top 14...

untitled 请多多支持哦!


... that, those little coughs and little sneezes are not just little coughs and little sneezes... megan is sick... we realised for the past 2 nites, she suddenly cough in the middle of the nite, then go back to sleep... we tot she was kinda 'choked' by her saliva or what... this morning, the baby sitter called joelle to bring megan to see a doctor, cuz she think megan is not feeling well and couldn't finish her milk... joelle called me and i can only leave office by noon and so she brought megan to see doc first... why i couldn't leave office? cuz cw and tc not in office today, leaving me and der only... and this stupid ang mo don't know how got his local admin password changed, gmt having some connection issues, tomolo got a new vp coming in, concourse got some renovation work, stupid users want to restore files... i passed some of the things to der (thanks bro!) and quickly settled some myself (that almost burst my heart with stress)... by the time i reached lot1, the doc already seen megan and joelle was waiting for me at the lobby... looking like... 包公... now, we have to spike megan's milk with a red and a white medicine... and a nose drop thingy... so poor thing... 小孩子生病, 真的很可怜~~~


... that, megan's sickness is called upper respiratory infections. and so, the blocky nose and coughy throat... doc says its not serious as he checked that the infection did not spread down towards megan's lungs (lower respiratory infections)... and so, whats the cause? human to human transmission lor... and what can we do now? besides spiking her milk, i did a decontamination exercise today... dettol wipe the fan and megan's cot... vacuum and dettol mopped the floor... and most importantly, vacuumed our bed with the expensive vacuum cleaner, and see how dirty our bed was? please be reminded that the bedsheet was newly fitted 2 weeks ago, and see how dirty it can get...



... that, my plan was spoilt... we intended to take a day off tomolo to have some time by ourselves before joelle starting work this friday... i was planning a high tea at the line followed by a movie... reserved a table at the line, about to book the movie tickets today and about to send joelle the below slideshow thingy and then, got a call from joelle that we have to bring megan to see doc today...






i guess, we can forget about the plan... and that dress too... and i can forget about that post title i had in mind to put after our supposed day out tomolo... no harm saying whats that supposed post title gonna be...


"relive our life"

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