Sunday, June 1, 2008

worked 2 days in 1 nite

went back office to work last nite at 9pm till this afternoon at 1pm... spent 16 hours at office... and since each work day is 8 hours, i spent 2 work days last nite working my ass off... kaoz...

last nite's mission:
- install server 2003 service pack
- did zoning on the fiber switch
- up the new backup library
(that was not completed yet, still got to read up the manual later...)

of course, spent 3 hours sleeping in office when it was at 4am... :P

and guess what?
i'm not home yet... went straight to mil's place as my 2 loves slept the nite over there...

my little love, sleeping peacefully on her little pinky chair...
my bigger love, cooking noodle for me now...
and so, i used dominic's notebook to bloggie blog... :P

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