Saturday, May 31, 2008

sleep spell

today is a really sleepy day for me, was doing nite shift and was up at 1am, 4am, then 7am and off to work... once i got up the train, i just slept all the way to city hall... when i woke up at summersad (somerset) station, i then realised shirley was sitting beside me... kaoz... pai say 一下哦... :P

then chat with shirley until she alight at bugis, only to realise sally was beside me all the while... kaoz...

met eveie at lavender and walked to office, i kept walking the wrong way... then saw geraldine at beach road market, she was telling me something about gmt issues... i really can't rmb what she was talking at all... :P

the sleep spell managed to worn off as the day goes on... however, today got to work late cuz need to shift users' computer due to some office re-org exercise... zho lan bo eng... and joelle got to tempt me saying she ordered kfc at her mum's place lor...

rushed to bt.panjiang right after work to enjoy the thou-cold-but-still-nice kfc... 好久好久没吃了... ever since megan is born, never had kfc... after dinner, sleep spell hits again, and i doze off at the sofa till 11 plus, then bro-in-law drove us home... what a sleepy day!

joelle told me, this morning, after feeding megan, she put her on her pinky chair and went to wash the milk bottle and came back and saw megan 'covered' herself like this... joelle quickly remove the blanket and found the little one sleeping soundly... megan also kanna sleep spell wor...


and for the rest of the day, megan just look as juicily cute as ever...






i guess, the sleep spell hitting me again... no nite shift for me tonite... tomolo got to go back office at 8pm to work somemore... sianz... why? why does microsoft need to release service pack?

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