Thursday, May 15, 2008

the art of childcare

you know, sometimes i wonder, why there are so many 'kind hearted' people around my mum, who love to 'advise' my mum about taking care of babies... i meant, its nice of them to offer advise to my mum, but then again, my mum is so soft on her ears, she will just do it without even giving it a thought lor...


for example, i definitely would very much like to meet the person who actually told my mum to toilet train megan... you heard me, TOILET TRAIN a 1 month old baby... kaoz... i'll be thrilled if megan can lift her head up by herself... hold megan at the toilet bowl and whistle whistle for her to pee pee... this is so so stupid lor... fine, it may work for that person, but it doesn't apply to everybody lor... moreover, 弄到 megan 辛苦, 自己也辛苦... hello to that person, there is an invention call DIAPER... go get a life...


next, we were kinda 'forced' by my parents to use 尿布 for megan instead of always using diapers. yes yes, megan wouldn't get diaper rash if we use 尿布. but 叫我门做的是你们 leh... 洗尿布的是我们 leh... need to use hot water to boil, sterilise, hand wash and dry... oh ya, they will say no need so 麻烦 lah, just wash wash can liao... hello!! instead of diaper rash, we'll be getting 尿布 rash lor... oh, now the aim is to save money? please lor, nowadays, water don't come from well lor... it comes from tap lor... and water bill is sky rocketing with all these washing lor... don't really know whats the agenda... 一派糊言!


next, when using 尿布, we can use a disposable nappy liner to prevent staining to the 尿布... and which tupid 'advisor' tell my mum that disposable nappy liner can be washed and reused... KAOZ... hello tupid advisor, DISPOSABLE... it means it should be disposed after use... would you go and wash and re-use your disposable sanitary pad? this is so tupid...


this is even more cute... my mum realised today that megan somehow like to lay like this on my mum... and she suggested letting megan to do so... kaoz... if megan really get used to this, i'll become a 人肉床垫... and with this position, i'm going to be a 植物人, not able to move at all....


i realised, my parents loves to rock megan when carrying her... and after they realised megan sort of quiet down when they rock her, they will say "要买摇篮啊"... wah kaoz... i never rock megan but still can soothe her when i carry her wor... so whats with the rocking then? she is sleeping comfortably in her cot, whats the need of a 摇篮? and in the first place, if you don't rock her, why would she prefer rocking? 是有人抽烟,才有人卖烟. 还是有人卖烟, 才有人抽烟呢?


haiz... i guess this is really what they call, the generation gap... of course, there are some things we can see eye to eye, but i really can't take nonsense lor... and my mum and dad are so the 铁齿... and my mum so the 耳软... and her 'advisors' so the '厉害'... i'm really glad i didn't let my mum take care of megan lor... afterall, its my mum who rejects us... and i'm really thankful for it...


and poor joelle, it seems she is going thru 6 weeks of confinement instead of 4 weeks... and so, i asked my mum to stop taking half day leave everyday to come over my place... at least joelle can go out and at least we can have more time of our own... 家里很多人,真的会很挤... and i'm not a big fan of crowdy home...


sometimes when going over to joelle's place, there's so many kids running around, adults talking, tv on, i just retreat myself to my own corner reading the magazine and newspaper... 惨了, 我好象有自闭症... but with frds, i'm more talkative and active leh, those who know me will never see me as a quiet person... i guess, i hold values differently... am i taking family for granted? not sure also... but i do agree, i do have some issues somewhere...


空间 - 是我不可没有的
叛逆 - 是我的固执
安静 - 是我的投诉


  1. Jovi's MummyMay 16, 2008 at 11:20 AM

    Wah kaoz, after reading this post I feel 'hot' too and can't help but comment on the TUPID advisor(s)' advice. Toilet train a 1 mth old baby? Siao boh? Washing the DISPOSABLE nappy liners for RE-USING? Again, siao boh? So tuuupid... 'kiang doh hoh, mai gei kiang' (hokkien) haiz... generation gaaa...aaap. That's why I made my stand very clear in the first place to those people who commented TOO MUCH on how I should take care of Jovi. Always last time, last time..., last time 'mata chien dei kao ah' (hokkien). kaoz!
    Just do what you think is logical.

  2. toilet train 1 mth old baby?! siao bor?!

    haha my SIL's baby son likes to lie on me like that too! LOL~