Monday, May 5, 2008

independent day

ytd, its our independent day, cuz ytd, our nanny is leaving us and we're on our own... once we woke up, the nanny has already done all the laundries, wash and fed megan... so luckily to have this nanny to help us tide over the first 30 days... but, nanny still got to go, we still got to d.i.y.

nanny's daughter came to pick her. one more photo shoot, before nanny going back... nanny kept holding, hugging and kissing megan... guess she really 舍不得 megan... i guess, being a nanny is no easy task... so many sleepless nites and in the end, got to part with the baby after being together for so many days... hope to see you again, auntie 亚明...


from now on, every little things from eat, sleep, shit, shower, we have to 包 liao... but first, lets take a look at megan's gifts... so the many wor...


after that, everything else was like "no time"... no time to rest, no time to eat, no time to sleep, no time to take photo, no time to blog... even when there is some time to do something, all we want is to rest... but not quite true, cuz there are laundries to be done, floor to be vacuumed and mopped... basically, we are pretty 'occupied' the whole sunday...

my parents were kinda worried we not able to handle, and so came over to render help... not much help actually, cuz we can't possibly ask "妈, 衣服帮忙洗一下" or "爸, 地帮忙扫一下"... nevertheless, my dad was patting megan to sleep every now and then, and my mum cooked us dinner... at the end of the day, my parents looked so tired when they are going back home at 5pm... haiz, 都说不容易了吗...

and then, here comes the nite shift... not much of a problem thou... except not enuff sleep lor... i knocked out during the first part of the nite shift... got up somewhere at 2am to help change megan's diapers and feeding... then every now and then its either i woke up and saw joelle already attending to megan, i go back to sleep... or, i woke up and joelle still sleeping, i attend to megan... better not both of us wake up... :P

oh ya, got inspired by irene's recording method... ours is not so detail and to record when megan eat, how much ml, poop how many times... but, its pretty important to record when megan was fed... so the person waking up know whether its feeding time or not...


like i said, 不容易 neh... okie dokie, its about time to feed megan again... and about time for us to set off already... today, we're bringing megan to pb and bw... :)

happy independent day to joelle and me... hip hip hoorays to the end of nightmares... cuz no time to sleep, where got nightmare wor...


  1. these are the joys of parenthood 。。。加油!

  2. i see that u are happy blogging abt ur happy hardship...happy 1st month to the lok family...megan survived!! hehehehe.

  3. haha.. U mean the LOKs parents survived.. :p haha. just now megan came.. still cant get my hands off her !!! :p

  4. yawn... i'm so so sleepy... :P