Sunday, May 18, 2008

gai gai loh...

last nite, while trying to get my toolbox from the store room, i saw something weird... as i looked closely, i realised that a mushroom is growing out from joelle's dried flowers! look at this mushroom head... look gross thou...


and its not one mushroom lor... there's 3 of them... this is totally gross... hmmm... 长得蛮高的哦!


anyway, that aside... today we are going gai gai loh... first stop, an appointment with joelle's gynae... couldn't get a taxi, and so, we camwhore first... keke... megan look really sweet in pinky...


ever wonder where megan get her pointy chin from? my 2 hands gonna be busy in future, 一手捏 joelle's chin, 另一手捏 megan's... :P


finally we got a shot with doc adrian... and once again, he never fail to amaze me with the way he talks... we asked him why sometimes megan breathes so loudly, as thou she is very the 喘...

he replied, of course lah, baby nose so small, she has to give extra effort breathe in oxygen mah... why? scare got asthma ah? don't worry...


as we are going to leave his clinic, joelle was carrying megan and was like almost going to knock on the door knob...
doc adrian exclaimed "hey hey, be careful"
i say "wah b... doc adrian 关心你 leh"
doc adrain "i'm worry about the baby..."

and then lor, we still forgotten to ask him if he is an ang mo or not... :P


"daddy mummy, 可以不要拿我来寻开心吗?"


we went to lot1 mac to have our blunch... we sort of realised, megan is getting lotsa attention from passerbys... it seems megan is a head-turner... just like her dad... keke... :P

alrighty, off we got to second stop... qing wen's house warming... while on cabby, we realise megan staring attentively out the windows... maybe she tot she is watching tv... :P


gosh, look how fast and tall this little angel grows... a couple weeks ago, she just fit nicely from my palm to my elbow... now she is from my kneecap to almost my chest liao...


finally we reached qing wen's place... and the highlight of the day... this gigantic teddy bear, that got the girls going gaga over it... at least my 2 girls went gaga lor...


DISASTER STRIKES! megan scratched herself on her cheek... even with her mitten on... we really really got to give megan a nail cut... aiyo, 看了都心痛!!


qing wen's little boy, tobey...


youhe's little boy, kyler...


and of course, jiankai's little boy, jovi, who made himself famous by kissing megan during megan's full month celebration... too bad, when i got time to take out my camera to snap the kids, jiankai got to make a move le...

hmmm... so many boys in the house... megan is very spoilt for choices... haha~~~

last stop, joelle's parent place... managed to get these 2 sweet girls to take a shot... 来来, 比比看, 谁的眼睛比较大?


suddenly, megan 'punched' val, and i snapped at this right moment to capture this funny shot...


at around 7pm, the whole family went to joelle uncle's wake... since megan cannot go, i stayed back to look after her by myself... when joelle came back, she said, her relatives were kinda amazed that i can take care of megan by myself... hey, a few months back, i have zero confident in myself also... now, bo-laksa lah!! :)

oh, look, it seems megan's scar is recovering faster than we expected... phew... heart not so pain now...


megan's so jelly and tired after a whole day of gai gai... she just sleep so soundly... sleep tight, darling, and sweet dreams...



  1. woah, ur roses comes with free fungi..eeekkss! i think there is a special nail clipper for babies right? i rem i saw it before.

  2. its ok lah... we finally picked up the courage and clipped megan's finger nails liao... :P