Sunday, May 11, 2008

val's letter to meg

i'm so tired today... went back office to work last nite at 10pm and only managed to reach home this morning at 11am... worked for 12 hours thru-out the nite with cw and tc...

i had a lazy sat, not doing anything but just to laze at home before cw came over to pick me up to work... look, my hand looked so huge here... i think megan love it when i used my hand to 'cup' the side of her head...


i think, she just like it to be with me bah...


it was such a lazy sat, that i doze off beside megan on our sofa... and notti joelle 偷偷拍我们 lor...


see, megan's eyelashes are growing le... keke



so were her fingernails... until now, we still don't dare to cut her fingernails... but sooner or later, it has to be done lah...


not only a lazy sat for me... keke...


aiya, 被 megan 发现我要偷偷拍她了!


we realised megan is a little taller than birth, so we measured her up and found that she is 57cm now... she's grown 8cm over the past 1 month... hmmm, consider a 高妹吗?


oh ya, my bro finally returned from his taiwan training and dropped by this sat to pay megan a visit... 我就这样,让我弟弟当上叔叔了... he bought me a ice-wine from dfs and passed me a gift for megan... later at nite, when i went off to work, my mum kpo and asked joelle what my bro give megan... joelle then found out it was a very very big ang bao lor... this morning when i got home then i realise its really THAT big lor... by far, its the biggest ang bao megan ever received...  (my dad's 1k ang bao now dropped to 2nd place le)...

小弟, 你的礼, 好大好重哦... 老哥都不好意思帮瑀萱收下这份厚礼... 看你还是快快让我做一做伯伯, 也好让我回敬你厚礼哦... 谢了! :)


this sat's work was a total disaster... too many problems... if not because of the new servers coming in next week (darn, tomolo lor... kaoz!), we wouldn't be shifting the servers at all... anyway, it was a totally disaster, thou settled, it left 3 of us totally drained and dried... dun wanna talk about it liao...

never got to have a good rest today also, reached home, sleep a while, go visit a baby sitter's place (thou she is experienced, but too ex and too far), sleep, go to joelle's parent's place... hey, its megan's first trip to her 外公外婆's place wor... haa, megan look really sweet with her 小帽子...


haiz... 好累好累好累累哦... can't even keep my eyes open fully when typing this post... i better get some rest now...

oh ya, to my mum, mum-in-law and joelle, 母亲节快乐!

to joelle, megan says she love you!


and, valerie wrote a letter to megan and pass it to us this evening...




kao... megan's hair like that one meh??

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  1. wow, megan got handsome and generous uncle wor. hahahaha.