Tuesday, May 6, 2008

xi gan bo gao

today is joelle's first day at home alone with megan... i'm kinda worry for joelle cuz she was waking up to attend to megan last nite... when i woke up, joelle has already woken up and attending to megan liao... so i think, joelle must be dead tired. and so, i called back home a few times to check on the girls at home...

my mum, had taken half day leave for a few weeks to help joelle to tide over the 2nd half of the day... and i told joelle she better use this chance to catch some nap... but she didn't lor... and she just say "很象还有很多东西还没做leh..."

but it is quite true that time fly very fast when you're taking care of a baby... see, 9 month past and megan is born... 1 month past and nanny went back le... every 2 hours, when megan cries for milk, we were looking at the clock and realised, wow, so fast 2 hours already!

and so the no time that joelle didn't take any photo today.

me on the other hand, had another busy day at work, also good lah, 5:30 come quicker this way... but then, when its coming to 5:30, my phone ring again... kaoz... its always this time one leh... pf and nana (ex-colleagues) always complaint "很讨厌等你一起走的leh... 不要听会死啊?"... ghee, it was so long time ago le... promised nana to meet her for lunchie one of these days, but not free... and oh ya, congrats to pf for delivering her little boy... we 3 should come out and meet up one fine day... when we are free... omg, time seems like a luxury nowadays... xi gan bo gao ah!!!

and sleep seems like my only craving... still waiting for little one's next feed at around 11pm... then only, we can get a full 3 hours of sleep before the next feed...

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