Wednesday, May 21, 2008

nite shift: darn the 'bea bea bea' moto-siao

just finished the first part of my nite shift...

1. fed megan,
2. burped her,
3. hum songs to megan till she sleeps,
4. put her to bed and realised she sharted (fart + a little shit came out),
5. changed her diaper,
6. put her back to bed,
7. just i was swaddling megan, some tupid moto-siao 'bea bea bea' his moto and megan got startled and puke some milk,
8. i carried her up and ganna some milk on my body,
9. changed her clothing and put her back to sleep,
10. finishing this entry and going for a shower... then sleep...

54 minutes, to do all of the above...


  1. hey ah fook..bee chin here..only get to know about your blog from hui san..your gal very de cute. Reading all your blogs like reading my own stories, not easy to be parents har..

    I just started learn to create my blog..learning from people from Motherhood forum. Is your wife also joining the forum? I find it is very useful.
    HEre is my blog link:

  2. hey hey, glad to see ya around... :) will go to your bloggie for your updates... keke...