Friday, May 9, 2008


last nite, i was like up for every megan's feed... except the last one at 4am, where i doze off at the sofa while joelle feeds megan... 好累哦... 都不知道哪来的 energy to 这样 'dong' 下去... but it felt really great and satisfactory whenever megan is fed, burped, soothed, petted to sleep, smiles, basically everything she does... (except cry, poo and pee)


recently, i learnt a method from cw to feed megan properly... that is to pause and burp megan during feeding... that is to say, dun one shot let megan finishes her milk... this is something my mum and dad always misconcept about. they were always like "乖, 快快喝快快喝"... haiz...


the method i use took roughly an hour to feed megan... 1 hour, starting from the moment i made the milk till petting megan to sleep after feeding... so it was like make milk > feed > rest > feed > rest > feed > burping > swaddling > pet + song > sleep... not the end for me yet, cuz got to wash milk bottle... :P


there is another thing we notice... megan always misbehaves when my mum and dad are around... like, from morning till noon, megan behaves... at noon, my mum came over and megan started misbehaving, and my mum got to keep giving megan attention and joelle kept hearing my mum "阿嬷 sayang! 阿嬷 sayang!"... haha... 小木瓜, 欺负我妈妈啊?


and the worst part came when my dad came over at the evening... megan simply 'demand' me to carry her lor... she simply don't want anyone to carry her but me lor... and it seems like, megan knew that if she hears my dad's voice, she just need to make some noise and my dad's voice will turn into a command "hock ah... 你女儿要你抱啊"... 小木瓜找到靠山了!

oh, this afternoon, joelle and my mum brought megan to meet up a potential baby-sitter. got quite a few called us and we're shortlisting those we found comfortable to leave megan in their care...


hopefully, can find a good one for megan... :P


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