Thursday, May 29, 2008


5:30am, after megan's feed, i decided to on my pc and surf and blog for a while before going back to bed... and to charge my ipod too... ghee, this kind of time, when everyone in my contact went offline... :P


oh well, ytd took an urgent leave to stay home with joelle and megan... was really tired to go work and need that break anyway...


and so, we told this chance to go deposit megan's ang bao money... the one thing i hate about bank is... there's always so many people there... it seems like singaporeans love to have their passbook changed, replace their atm cards, bla bla bla... i meant, the only time i will step into a bank is to open and close account... got so many things to do meh?


ok lah, in a nutshell, i really hate those long queues in bank...


little angel is coming to 2 months old le... she archive her milestone too... babies have a few milestones to archive besides the 七坐八趴九发牙 (in hokkien)...


her first milestone is to be able to recognise faces... and to turn her head to sound or turn her head away from bright light... now, she is trying to communicate using facial expressions...


especially in the afternoon, megan always look happy and wanna play... so we just need to talk to her and she'll respond with a smile... and that explains the many smiley face photos nowadays...


oh ya, we finished prison break season 3... it started with a bang, and was really going into peaks of climax every episode, until the last one... everything is wrapped up so hasty and just left us dangling there waiting for a season 4... i guess joelle is getting impatient and decided to browse the webby on prison break... and she found out that, sara was killed in s3 cuz her contact didn't went thru... brought alive in s4 cuz contract is re-signed... kaoz... and linc burrow (cast by dominic purcell) was a gardener before becoming an actor... :S


okie dokie... enuff of prison break, enuff of baby talks... got to go back to bed, else, not getting enuff sleep liao... and i have to save this pict for the last... :)


wah liew eh... it has to rain now lor... hope it stopped when i wakey for work later... taa...

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