Saturday, May 3, 2008

shower baby and baby shower

today is megan's baby shower (full month celebration), as well as the day i finally gave megan a bath... but first, i think its a tradition to cut baby's hair on the day of full month, cuz the nanny advised us to a 意思意思 one... and so, ytd i 意思意思 bought a 'no-sharp-edge' pair of scissors, and this morning, the nanny 意思意思 cut megan's hair...


and 意思意思 seems quite a lot wor... aiya, 咱们陆家出了名, 头发多的是, 意思意思剪掉的头发, 小意思啦... keke... and i still dun know whats the rationale behind it lor... but may get megan to do a haircut as its really very warm these few days...


oh ya, my first bathing session for megan... i'm really tensed lor... in fact, this morning while still lazing on bed, i told joelle maybe next week then give megan a bath, joelle told me "do it today lah, last nite i told megan that daddy is giving her a bath tomolo, and she looked very happy wor... 不要让她失望啦...". kaoz... say until like that, you win liao lor... i think, megan feeling tensed too... look at her, she is looking at joelle as if asking "mummy, you sure daddy know what he is doing???"


of course, daddy know what he is doing... just didn't do it right only... nanny had to take over after my failure attempt to wash megan's hair... joelle and nanny said i'm too gentle on megan's head... :P

next step, the dipping... first up, test water... oh no, megan looking really tensed now... dun scare darling, daddy more scared than you are... :P


phew, success dipping... now, wash up the front...


next, wash up the back... all looks well eh? of course not, nanny took over once more, cuz my bathing skill is not thorough enuff...


enuff of the wet part, now to the dry part... this is easy, cuz i'm feeling pretty confident with this, as it doesn't involve water... but it will be less stressful without the wailing part from megan... :P


this is the part that i think all babies love it... that is to put some droplets of 如意油 on my palm, rub my palms until warm warm and pssssssst on megan's tummy... she looked shioked!


alrighty, all washed up, dried up, cleaned up and dressed up... little one seems so happy now... phew, what a way to start a day...


ah... i finally managed capture this shot, of joelle's parents with megan...



its time to lay out the food prepared by joelle's mum for our guests...


and the buffet we ordered...



and from then on, we were busy entertaining our friends, colleagues and relatives... so busy that we find no time to take photo... i managed to take a little breather and found jiankai (my secondary schoolmate)'s boy, jovi with megan... and so i took a shot of them...


guess what happened after this shot? jovi turned and kissed megan... wah say, in front of megan's daddy somemore wor... haha~~~


what a day... feeling so tired... oh ya, megan's 收获不少 wor... has lotsa dresses, clothings and baby things, lotsa vouchers and her ang bao totaled to $3k plus... got to open a saving account for megan le... k lah, daddy top up to $4k for you lah... hmmm, 不知道 mummy 有没有表示 wor??? hee... :P

tomolo, our nanny is leaving us le. and from then on, we are on our own and we got to do the 'night shift' ourselves le... i guess, tonight is the last nite, we can sleep thru out le... :P


oh ya, a little clip we did for megan's first 30 days... its kinda a long clip...

ps: 二姨, 不好意思, 今天又是很晚才上载了... 又再让您一直再按滑鼠了... :P


  1. kaoz... 上梁不正,下梁歪... oops, i think i heard a 'buay song' kyler screaming somewhere... keke