Monday, June 23, 2008

a lot of toys and a phone call

today, joelle went out with huiping and bought some... in fact, lotsa toys for megan... no wonder megan looks happy when we fetching her...


this is a musical toy thingy thats supposed to be a farm else it wouldn't be called fridge farm... anyway, its for 12m+, so didn't open it yet...


next, is this piano thingy made of cloth... supposed to hang it on megan's stroller and of course, when pressed, got music lor...


this is a nice ball thingy, when pressed says the alphabet you pressed... once again, got to wait, cuz its for 6m+...


this is for rotary skills toy for megan to use her hands to twist and turn and press the toy... i guess, most probably it goes to her mouth... haha...


this is one really big and heavy one... gonna assemble this one later for megan to try...


but first... hmmm... its not even christmas wor...


now, for the real thing... megan seems interested initially but got a little edgy after a while... guess she is really tired bah... and it turned out, she is really very tired... as i carried her and humm her songs, joelle was lying on bed watching us... then i told joelle "better dun let my office girls to see me like this..." haha~~~


oh ya, was having a real bzbz morning at gmt this morning... only managed to return to concourse at 2pm and while walking back, i received a phone call, as there's heavy noisy traffic, i only hear part of the call, and i think it goes like this:

caller "is this mr lok kin fook"

me "yah, why?" (i was fully pissed off being so bzbz and tot its some credit card or insurance promoters calling...)

caller "this is ... calling from singapore ... holding ... inform you that you are nominated the top 10 of the ... category for the omy singapore blog awards..."

me "ok"

caller ".... would you ... accept nomination..."

me "ok"

caller "thank you... by email..."

me "ok, bye..."

after i ended the call, i came to realise... did the caller tired to inform me that i was nominated top 10 in one of the category i signed up in the omy's singapore blog award? 不可思议哦! i still kinda 半信半疑, cuz i'm not paying attention to the caller as i'm totally shagged out by the bzbz morning work... gosh, i guess i wait see if the email comes... :P

but then again, still feeling very happy and flattered... keke... thanks to all who voted for me wor... :)

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