Monday, March 9, 2009

updates... my goodness, my post title is getting boring

didn't really got the time to update this little space of mine due to what else, the darn work of mine... having meetings after meetings everyday and these meetings have to start at 4 and never end at 5:30, wtf...

anyway, joelle bought this thermal swim wear for megan... we will be bringing her out for her first dip soon... just dun know when thou...

IMG_2236 IMG_2243

IMG_2244 IMG_2249

little one is getting mischief lately... she just can't stay in a place for long, cuz she will be crawling all over the place, using the sofa, chairs, tv console as support to stand... and when she is at the tv console, she would turn the dvd player volume knob, blowing the roof off at -20db...

if we grab her back, she would protest either by struggling or crying... and when we let her go, off she went crawling or turning the volume knob again... its so tiring repeating the process of letting her crawl to the tv console, grab her back, struggle, then let go and crawl to tv console again...

anyway, more shots of megan coming up...





and when she is sleepy... she can get pretty pek chek also...




and after a good nite sleep...




btw, our town is transforming from a sleepy town to a buzzing one... there is this new condo that has 2 floors catered for shops... which proved to be quite a hit in the neighbourhood... afterall, we dun have to travel far anymore (to lot1) for watsons, long john or kfc... and there's this jalan kayu roti prata cafe!



IMG_2276 IMG_2277

$11 for a roti prata bfast is a little too much, i think...



oh ya, its less than a month before megan's first birthday! and of course, my 32nd one... and i guess, megan already chosen her first b'day cake...



  1. Megan's looks changed a bit liao. Still very cute. You also looked different liao. Haha! Cheers!

  2. yaya, megan looked grown up right? and i looked... hagged... haa... the side effect of fatherhood... :P

  3. Megan is growing out of her baby fats maybe. I really love her cute look! And you growing to mature father figure, maybe. Haha!

  4. yup, little one is having lesser baby fats and in fact growing taller... i guess she took over my attribute... :P

    mature father figure... another good way to say i'm older? haa... oh well, can't deny it anyway... :P

    thanks for all the sweet comments... :)

  5. aiyo... she's so adorable!!

    32 still look young laa... :)

  6. popping by to say hi..and you have a really cute little girl!