Sunday, May 3, 2009

had a tiring long weekend

it was supposed to be a relaxing long weekend, but in the end, it turned out to be a tiring one… megan was down with fever on friday evening and only recovered this morning… whenever megan fall sick, i became extremely tired, physically and emotionally… :(

not only that, on sat morning, after having bfast at the toastbox at yew tee square, i suddenly felt a sharp pain on my kneecap and it lasts until now, even this moment when i’m typing this, the pain is still there whenever i lift up my right leg, thou not as painful now… gosh, isn’t it a little early for this kind of thing to happen on me?? i better make sure 冲凉后要抹干 from now on…

anyway, megan recovered this morning and i spent the day happily taking photo of her with her new hairdo…


notice her hair still a little curly eh?


i guess she is trying to say “daddy daddy, open this pack of 小馒头 for me…”


and i got to sayang her and say “darling cannot eat wor… you just recovered from fever…”


she looked so vain in this shot… and her cheeks look… bouncy…


megan’s cheeky looks as she tried to grab the lens…



i guess no one will be happy if they were made to put on this… megan’s 脸好臭哦!


oh ya, this is her latest fav toy, the hello kitty… sometimes she would pat it like a baby, and sometimes she would just toss it away… but most of the times, she is mmmmmm-mucking it…


and finally, after being ‘trapped’ at home for the past 36 hours, we made it out of the house… while on the way to mil’s place, we stopped by BK for dinner… megan’s so happy… you know why?




cuz she is allowed to play with the straw… just don’t know why she’s so entertained by the straw…



and this concludes our tiring long weekend… thank god the next week is also a short one… and it better be a relaxing one that i longed for…


grrr… my kneecap still hurting…

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