Sunday, July 12, 2009

we’re going gai gai today,

and megan is very excited about it… of course, after being ‘grounded’ for a few weeks, we’re finally going out today… btw, megan seems to have recovered from her coughs and my tongue is repairing itself well… minus joelle who’s still midway thru her 百日咳...


anyway, we’re going suntec today… i wanna look for a pair of sunglasses, joelle wanna buy some tops and megan wanna… or rather, megan don’t wanna stay at home anymore…

after visiting some shops, i kinda having my eyes fixed on ray-ban glasses. no rush to buy, so see see look look first lah… after that, its joelle’s turn to shop, while megan and me camwhores… :P

P1040105 P1040106

P1040107 P1040109

omg, megan and joelle looked thin after being tormented by their cough spells… omg, i kinda looked ‘grown’, ‘fed’ and ‘excess’… ok, i admit, i’ve grown fat… something must be done someday… maybe tomolo, or the day after… :P


oh well, something i see in common between the girls… kaoz…

P1040114 P1040116

买东西吃东西嘛. 买完东西就去吃东西咯! after everyone is happily satisfied with shopping, off we go for our dinner at crystal jade…

P1040119 P1040123

this is one nice spicy tasty stirred fried long beans with meat… megan, being a LOK, of course have no problem with spicy stuffs! spicy long beans? no problem!

P1040128 P1040132

spicy meat? also no problem!

P1040129 P1040134

after makan, we did a little more walk about, and we found megan having this irresistible fatal attraction to hello kitty thingy… and she would go “kitty… kitty…”

P1040142 P1040144

however, i do agree she’s saying it almost sounding like “titty”… anyway, megan is really enjoying herself with all the rides she found at the 3rd floor…

P1040156 P1040158

which of course, we went up to 3rd floor to use the baby changing room… and something horrifying happened and i don’t wanna go into the details… megan needs to increase her fibre intake and we decided to get some yogurt for her… ASAP!


and while we’re on our way to carrefore for the yogurt, we were discussing about the ‘ordeal’ in the changing room, using this particular word that literally means human wastes… ok, we’re saying sh*t in front of megan…

it don’t sound like a bad idea saying it in front of her, until megan suddenly said it!!! thou it sounds like “share”…  but it comes right after i said sh*t… but i actually meant sheet… whatever… :P


what best to end the day? a relaxing drink and a sinful food for my sweet tooth…

P1040167 P1040166

my all time fav, latte + cheese cake… oooh laa laa…



sometimes i wonder, how do i actually get fat???

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