Tuesday, January 12, 2010

my first long wiikend in 2010

yup, its my first long weekend… gotten a 2 days mc for monday and tuesday, and hence, my first long weekend in 2010… and my first mc in 2010… all because of?

this… my swollen eye… it almost seems like a yearly thingy for me to kanna swollen eye… only this time, it had gone worst, cuz besides the pain and itch, now there’s the pus… instead of pimples, now i got eye-ples… what the heck!


doc gave me 2 days mc, cream for the eye, and antibotic… i’m not totally immobilised, but the scary look i had, i better stay home… with my new toy…


my new toy… is no other than the Wii! Weeee!


after some considerations, we decided to get a Wii… we were exposed to Wii during the xmas lunch at shu’s place. and i realised it wasn’t exactly the way i thot it would be when Wii was released… its not some stupid simple movement when you get the hang of it, you can just sit down and bowl like a pro while eating potato chips… it really make you sweat lor… and my arms, had been aching for days…

really love the way Wii make us move… and i think i lost a kg since we got Wii!!! ok, i’m just kidding… but it sure make me move more muscles than the conventional game consoles… speaking of which, my arsenal of game consoles…


no wonder my place is one of the hot spot for kids… speaking of which, i had created Mii characters for the kids as well… these Mii characters can be used in the games and keeping their game profiles for all the games they played, including level ups… cool eh?

IMG_5876 IMG_5877

IMG_5879 IMG_5881

IMG_5882 IMG_5883

haa… i love my smug look… and val’s frowny look… and megan’s always cute… haa… and the way Wii connects to the internet… cool…


so… shu and marcel, pls ‘hook’ your wii wii to the internet and we can ‘hook’ up in the web… bowling… ;P


the good thing about Wii… after long hours of gameplay, you tend to feel tired due to the movements involved. and hence, will stop to rest or eat… (unlike other console where you can sit, eat and play at the same time…)

speaking of eating… joelle prepared a sumptuous wiikend lunch… here’s the ingredients…






mix all up, give it a stir and a fry, next up to the rice cooker…


and here we are, QING BENG (冷饭)… know the story of 冷饭? it started long ago when a king being chased and trapped by his enemy was dying of hunger, one of his subordinates cut off his own fresh and cooked a meal for the king. later, when the king resume his throne, he wanna invite this subordinate to palace, who refused and went to hide in a mountain… the king burnt the mountain to force him out, and backfired and burnt the subordinate to death… and hence, no burning on that particular day (清明节), and hence no cooking, and so… 冷饭 for the whole day… and so, the invention of microwave…


joelle kanna not satisfied with her work, but i just down bowl after bowl of it… maybe used too much energy wii-ing…


as for megan… she had a great wiikend too… she got so much dresses from zena, that she just go cat walking… this in particular, looked so sportyly-tennisy on her…




alrighty… enuff said, enuff typed… the swolleny eye is acting up again… time to take my 40 winks… which i needed it, cuz megan is still wailing in the middle of the nite… haiz…

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