Saturday, February 20, 2010

priceless wonder

i’m not talking about the latest tv drama by mediacorp (游戏人生)… ok, maybe lets talk about it… it had been so long since i watched a great ch8 drama ever since 企鹅爸爸... anyway, just completed the first 12 episode on miotv and had been hearing megan’s name being called over and over… yu xuan! yu xuan! haha, the name of the female character in the drama played by tiffany leong… i think she is hot… :P

anyway, i was talking about priceless wonder… its amazing how priceless ($1.20) a box of our childhood plaything can cause such wonders… i’m talking about a box of 32pcs of this:


got this from the mama-shop after our bfast and thot it would bring to megan as we stop by the playground… and she adore it, and me and joelle are very much amused by reliving our childhood days…



i’m trying to get a snap of this… you know, for photographing sake…


and megan… 有样学样...


in the end, i promised megan to make her a MICKEY MOUSE! here’s my creation…



ok, it don’t really look like mickey mouse… but, 我女儿喜欢... hee… :P


  1. i used to love to play that too!! u made me so gian now!!

    hee love the blog u made for megan... sweet ^^

  2. eh the bubble.. used to play that when i was young..
    those were the days! =)

  3. i used to play that too when i was young..
    those were the days =)

  4. Chanced into your blog via lol8.

    Like your candid posts, will come back for more.