Thursday, June 23, 2011

A little TWEE from CLEEBO

How do you clean your nose? I guess there is only a simple answer to it, but its only where and when you do it… But how do you clean your baby and/or toddler’s nose?


I believe that is the same challenge parents today faces when it comes to cleaning their children’s nose… We have 2 children, Megan of age 3 and Melody of age 1… For Megan, its more of ‘self service’ as we can see, her gross motor skills are very well developed… And I really do meant gross when she stick her finger into her mouth after she did the ‘you know what’… Occasionally, there are those very sticky and stubborn ones that refused to be ‘purged’ by herself, we’ll assist Megan to ‘excavate’ the infamous ‘black gold’…

How we did it? For me, I’ll go for my very last finger with nails to ‘excavate’ but my wife would prefer the cotton bud method that I never seem to master the technique… Imagine, using a chopstick to pick up a dumpling!


What of Melody then? Cotton bud is the only solution as our fingers are too big for her little nostrils…


If only we can use a pair of tweezers… No, not this pair of tweezers, of course!!


But this great creation by real parents themselves, THE CLEEBO!


I was approached by Sophie & Friends to review Cleebo and I never expect this tiny device to come in such attractive colours, great function, little price tag…


At first look, it looks like ordinary tweezers only that its made of plastic and not metal…


Once opened up, the Cleebo tweezers is in fact very soft to the touch, and command a firmer grip than traditional tweezers! And most importantly, it can be sterilized!


Cleebo Case and Labels

Click on the following links for more information!

Cleebo, as featured in Sophie and Friends:

Cleebo, official website:


Cleebo, in action! No baby or tweezers is hurt in this video… Not so true for the boogies…

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