Wednesday, June 3, 2009

after resting for 2 days,

the loks more or less recovers… megan’s fever finally came down this morning… last night we were still worrying about her and called frds and relatives to find out about nite clinics’ opening hours… just in case… cuz her temperature went up and down peaking at 39 deg…

but thank god, her fever managed to came down this morning… and maybe due to the cooling morning rain, megan finally recovered from her feverish ordeal… and ending our worrying ordeal too…

and me too, feeling much better this morning… and since we’re grounding ourselves at home, we might as well make the best out of it… family time!



oh ya, did i mentioned megan is able to stand on her own? oh i did…


and did i mentioned she is able to walk a few steps on her own? watch on…

IMG_3442 IMG_3444


her killer dimples…



it time for some cat walking… not very graceful thou… here’s some new dresses joelle bought for megan (her recent spree madness)!




notice all seems to be oversized? yup, indeed they all are… no way to try cuz its online spree… anyway, out little model got a little bored with all the changing dressed and decided to touch her b’day decors… which reminded me that i should be taking them down one of these days… now, what should i do with them after taking them down? 会有人要吗??

IMG_3473 IMG_3474

the fashion show continues…


and these are from verene, who got these from her taiwan trip… thanks ver, megan looks really sweet on these… thou, got the same oversized problem… :P


these are not from taiwan, i think… anyway, little is so into the modelling mood, she just kept walking and crawling all over the house…





from the look of it, she really recovered… but then, there is another problem… she seems to dislike milk nowadays, always refusing her milk else, refusing to finish it… don’t really know whats going on… anyway, glad she is ok now…


here is a video clip of megan walking those few steps… btw, watch on… sorry that i laughed when she banged her head, but its really funny… (evil grin…)

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  1. megan = lil' model in making ;)

    she is indeed one cute lil' girl :)